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Babylove CosiFit Nappy Review – Lindsay Abbott

Why Did You Choose The Babylove CosiFit Nappy?

I bought Babylove CosiFit Nappies as they were very easily accessible at my local Woolworths and I heard the brand name before and thought they were quite reputable.

I tried many different brands of nappies.  Some that were at a very low price as like we all are, I am on a budget.  But I just couldn’t find a brand that compared to Babylove Cosifit nappies.  In my opinion, they were far more superior and completely suited my baby’s needs.

Babylove Cosifit Nappies

What Are The Pros Of The Babylove CosiFit Nappy?

The Babylove CosiFit Nappies don’t leave any marks on my son at all, ever! I have never had leakage with them or any poop explosions. They seem to be comfortable and made well.  They have a size guide to help choose the right size for your baby, I think they run a little bigger but that was a good thing for me as my bub was a little bigger.

What Are The Cons Of The Babylove CosiFit Nappy?

I have no cons about these nappies. I could only suggest maybe they could endorse an environmental program to give back or help reduce waste as we all know how many nappies end up in landfill.

Babylove Cosifit Nappies

Is The Babylove CosiFit Nappy Good Value For Money?

I think the Babylove CosiFit nappies are great value for money just because they are exactly what I need for my baby and I am so happy with them however nappies are one of those unavoidable big ticket items on the shopping list each week and I would love them to be cheaper!

Would You Recommend The Babylove CosiFit Nappy To Others?

After reviewing the Babylove CosiFit Nappies I would absolutely recommend them, as they work so well for me and my son! I do realise that every baby is different however and what works for one may not work for another. But I will be buying them and I am pretty loyal to the brand now.


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