Dairy Farmers milk recalled over E. coli fears: what you need to know

An urgent recall of Dairy Farmers milk has been issued in New South Wales over fears of it could be contaminated with E. coli.

Dairy Farmers recall

Lion Dairy & Drinks issued a statement on their website saying they are undertaking a “recall of its Dairy Farmers 1L Full Cream white milk products with a use-by date of 25/02/2020, and its Dairy Farmers 3L Full Cream white milk products with a use-by date of 24/02/2020, which was made and sold in New South Wales.”


What should I do?

If consumed, this product may cause illness. As a result, Lion Dairy & Drinks have asked that all items be recalled from the market. 

The impacted products were distributed for sale across New South Wales through Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores and some independent outlet.

If you think you have already consumed the affected Dairy Farmer’s milk and feel sick, seek medical advice. 

“We regret the inconvenience”

Customers who have already purchased the milk are being told to dispose of it and call the Lion Dairy & Drinks Consumer Enquiries Centre on 1800 677 852 for a full refund.

The company is assuring the public that no other Lion Dairy & Drinks products have been affected and “regret the inconvenience this may cause consumers and customers.”

For more information, visit the Lion Dairy & Drinks website


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