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Artist’s images accurately sum up pregnancy in all its glory

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Sometimes you come across an image so real it could be your life. That’s the case with Amanda Oleander and her pregnancy illustrations. 

Inspired by her own life and pregnancy, Amanda shares her art on Instagram, which many fans describe as being totally accurate!

As well as making mums feel less alone, Amanda also offers some great advice is some of her posts – but she also asks her fans to share any advice they might have to help others. 

Pregnancy poop!

Our favourite post is a relatable one titled: ‘Pregnancy Poop’ that depicts Amanda experiencing pregnancy constipation for the first time. 

“I just had my first experience with pregnancy constipation and let me just say I was not worried about giving birth and the pain that comes along with it maybe because I never had anything to relate it to but wow no one really talks about this part of pregnancy,” she writes. 

“Thankfully I was at home. I called my mom and she brought me a cup of water with soluble fibre. Then Joey kept checking up on me bringing me more water whenever I needed it.”

As you would expect, the response to this picture has been overwhelmingly positive.

“This drawing describes it accurately,” said one fan.

Another added her top constipation tips: “Right! I was so scared! … get a foot stool to keep by the toilet and a fiber that doesn’t hurt your belly and stick to lots of soups, stews, and warming spices…and a peri bottle!”

“Fiber fiber fiber fiber water water water!!!!!! More fiber rich foods more more mooore!!!” said another.

Here’s some more of our favourites pregnancy illustrations from Amanda’s Instagram.

Visit Amanda’s Instagram or website to see more of her work!

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