Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula Review – Isabel Bolton

Why Did You Choose Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula?

I purchased Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ toddler milk, to try it out when it was on offer. The nutritional benefits, for well balanced diet, for my little one definitely appealed to me.

Australia's Own Diamond pro+ 3 Premium Toddler Milk Drink

What Are The Pros Of Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula?

  • The packaging on Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula is well made, as the lid is firm and secure on the tin and the age range and stage is clearly displayed on the front of the tin. The packaging is also very informative for mothers who may be new to using formula. This formula comes in three stages, including newborn-6 months. 6-12 months and 12 months+, for the little ones early life.
  • The measurements, of water to amount of scoops are included on the side of the tin. It is 180ml of water to 3 scoops of formula. I like that there is also a convenient scoop leveller in the tin to prevent product wastage. This also gives the perfect measurement for each scoop.
  • The Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula has given me peace of mind, that I am providing my little one with the nutrition she needs, after trying everything I possibly could to breastfeed with no avail.

Australia's Own Diamond Pro 3

Australia's Own Diamond Pro 3

Would You Recommend Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula To Others?

Overall, I believe that this Australia’s Own Diamond Pro toddler milk is contributing effectively to my little ones daily nutrition, as it includes many benefits such as improved immune system function, cognitive development, growth, bones and teeth. It is also made by a reputable Australian company. After reviewing Australia’s Own Diamond Pro+ Formula I would recommend this toddler milk to other mums, as it provides little ones with the nutrition they need to develop in the early stages of their life.

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