Bonds Stretchies Change Mat Review – Isabel Bolton

Why Did You Choose The Bonds Stretchies Change Mat?

I purchased the Bonds Stretchies Change Mat when it was on sale, as I knew it would come in really handy for when I was changing the little one. It has been a great changing mat and I have really enjoyed using it and having it as part of the changing process. Bonds consistently create products that have interesting patterns, have multiple uses and that are loved by lots of parents across Australia.

Spy in the Jungle White Bonds Stretchies Changemat

What Are The Pros Of The Bonds Stretchies Change Mat?

  • The change mat material is made from is really easy to wash if there are any changing accidents.
  • The material of the Bonds Stretchies Change Mat is quite thick and towelled on one side making it absorbent and perfect for changing nappies on. The material is soft and comfortable much like most of the Bonds products I have had experience with. This gives me peace of mind that I am giving my little one enjoyable changing experience.
  • The changing mat is great for on the go, as it folds up small to fit easily into a change bag. If you don’t already have a change mat for your change bag I would recommend this one. There are definitely situations where this mat has come in really handy

Bonds Stretchies Changemat

Bonds Stretchies Changemat

Would You Recommend The Bonds Stretchies Change Mat To Others?

After reviewing the Bond Stretchies Change Mat, I would recommend it to other mums as it is versatile and can be used multiple ways. They come in nice patterns and are made from substantial quality material. These mats have the distinctive designs that the Bonds are known for. This change mat has made the whole baby changing process easier and cleaner. I will always highly recommend Bonds products, as they make life so much easier.

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