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How to earn double rewards points in May

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Did you know that you can earn DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS every month? You’ll get to your next Coles, Kmart or Target gift card in half the time!

It’s simple: just review products from one of these 8 brands in May to get double your usual points. This means you’ll get 400 points for a written review, and 600 points if you include 3 original photos of the product with your review.

Double points will be awarded for reviews submitted between 12.01am on May 1st 2021 through to 11.59pm on May 31st 2021 (AEST) for the following brands.

(If you haven’t joined TMB Rewards yet, it’s a great time to get started. Sign up here to start earning today!)  

Double points brands for May

Happy Little Camper

Wondering what to include in your reviews? Find our tips and guidelines here.

Have a question about the rewards program or the double points offer? Email us at, or join us in our VIP Facebook group and send us a message.

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