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Milton Antibacterial Solution Review – Lindsay Abbott

Why Did You Choose The Milton Antibacterial Solution?

The Milton Antibacterial Solution appealed to me because it is Hospital grade disinfectant.  It sterilises in 15 minutes and stays sterile for 24 hours. It is simple to use, easy to find in the shops and affordable.

Milton Antibacterial Solution

What Are The Pros Of The Milton Antibacterial Solution?

The Milton Antibacterial Solution disinfects and gives you peace of mind that your baby’s things are clean and germ free.  It is easy to use and had a lockable cap so that children cannot get into it.

What Are The Cons Of The Milton Antibacterial Solution?

It does have a strong chlorine smell which may put people off, but it is to each and everyone’s own discretion if they want to use it or not.  I feel it cleans and sterilises well but there may be other products on the market that do just as well.

Milton Antibacterial Solution

Is The Milton Antibacterial Solution Good Value For Money?

It is normally $6.90 a bottle but it lasts for ages as you only need a small amount diluted in water to use.  It is often on special so it pays to wait until then to buy it to save a few dollars.

Would You Recommend The Milton Antibacterial Solution To Others?

I would recommend the Milton Antibacterial Solution to others as I like it!  It was recommended to me by my mother and I know a lot of people who use it. The antibacterial tablets that they make are also great and especially good to take travelling along with their antibacterial wipes.


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