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Announcing changes to the Tell Me Baby rewards program

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Tell Me Baby has been rewarding members of our review community since the site began 6 years ago, helping parents earn Coles, Kmart and Target gift cards for sharing their opinion of products they’ve tried. 

We’ve made a few tweaks in that time, and it’s now time for us to make some changes to the points allocated when you write a product review. This will help us keep rewarding you, our valued reviewers, for years to come.

These changes are now in effect. 

The new points system 

Under the new system, you’ll earn:

  • 100 points for every product you review (with or without photos)
  • 300 points for a review of a product featuring the bonus points badge
  • 400 points for a review and 3 to 5 photos of a product featuring the bonus points badge

Which are the bonus points products?

There are over 600 products featuring the bonus point badge on our site. You’ll be able to recognise them as they’ll have a special logo that says “Earn up to 400 points” (shown below) on their main image. You’ll see this logo when browsing by category or by brand, and it will also be on the product’s page:

This banner will also appear on their product page: 

Tip: this page showcases all our bonus points partners: These brands all have products that will earn you up to 400 points. Just click on a brand and you’ll see the bonus point badge on the applicable products. 

What about double points?

The current double points brands will continue running until the end of January (400 points for a written review of a product from a double points brand, and 600 points if you include 3 to 5 photos).

From February 1st there will be no more monthly double points brands.

What about gift cards?

There are no changes to this part of the system – you’ll still be able to redeem 3000 points for a $20 Coles, Kmart or Target gift card.

Help – I have more questions 

There are a few ways to find out what you’d like to know:

Thanks for being a very valued member of our community. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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