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New Beginnings Double Breast Pump

New Beginnings are first to market with an extremely silent and portable Double Electric Breast Pump. It features a built in rechargeable battery with up to two hours of battery life, giving new mums a whole new level of freedom when breastfeeding.

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New Beginnings

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Quiet Operation

Rechargeable Battery

Reduces Breastfeeding Time by Up to 50%

USB Power Cord


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Product Features



  • Double Electric Breast Pump

Key Features

Key Features

  • The design of the Double Breast Pump reduces breastfeeding time by up to 50% allowing for more breast milk in less time
  • The micro-computer technology embedded within the motor ensures it is always the perfect suction.
  • The pump has been created with an anti-back flow design which keeps the breast-milk completely separate from the pump pieces helping with cleaning and ensuring the pump is always hygienic.
  • BPA Free


Q: When should I start using a breast pump?
A: It is recommended to start using a breast pump after your baby is born so you can build up your milk supply and easily express when you feel your breasts are becoming to full.
Q: Why would I choose a double breast pump?
A: A double breast pump is handy as it reduces breastfeeding time by up to 50% as you can pump both breasts in the same pumping session.
Q: Will I need to use my breast pump away from home?
A: If you have recently returned back to work from maternity leave you will find yourself needing to express throughout the day, also if you are looking at travelling while breastfeeding a pump that is portable does come in handy.
Q: How much milk will I supply in the one pumping session?
A: It is hard to tell however some women can fill a bottle in the one pumping session while others may need to pump two to three times to get a full bottle.

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