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Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller Review – Kimberley McQuire

Why Did You Choose The Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller?

The Steelcraft Agile Stroller was one of my first big purchases when I was pregnant with my first baby. I had spent a lot of time researching prams. They are an expensive purchase so I wanted to ensure I was getting the one that fit my needs and expectations. I wanted a pram that could totally lay back flat compared to the bucket seat style of most other prams. I also wanted a pram that was one piece rather than a frame and a seat. It was a mid price range pram and I liked the reputable brand of steelcraft.

Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller

Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller

What Are The Pros Of The Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller?

There are many great features of the Steelcraft Agile Stroller:

  • The stroller easy to fold function is my favourite pro.
  • Another favourite pro is the complete flat lay feature which was perfect for my newborn and sleeping baby. It turns very well and is easy to push.
  • The Steelcraft Agile Stroller has a very large, almost full coverage sunhood, with a magnetic window to look in and check on the baby. It has puncture proof foam filled wheels, so they do not need inflating.
  • The stroller is compatible with the infant carriers, although I did not use this feature.

What Are The Cons Of The Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller?

Although I absolutely loved this stroller initially; as my baby got older I have noticed a few cons.

  • The Steelcraft Agile Stroller is very long, it is designed to fit up to a 29kg child, however I have realised that I do not need this and would rather a smaller pram.
  • I found the stroller doesn’t sit upright enough, my daughter has to hold onto the belly bar to sit upright.
  • The straps to adjust the seat position can be a bit hard to get even at times, it takes a bit of practice to get it right.
  • The basket underneath is a good size, however the basket is difficult to access and I do not like the drawstring feature of the basket.
  • Finally another thing that some people may find an issue, is that you cannot face your baby, however I did not find this an issue, I felt my baby enjoyed looking in the direction of travel.

Is The Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller Good Value For Money?

I paid a little more for the “SP” variety, thinking that the extra height would be a great feature, however I now would have been happy with the cheaper, standard height Agile pram. After 18 months of daily use the pram is still in excellent condition I definitely used this product a lot and will continue to use it with my toddler so I feel it was worth the money spent.

Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller

Would You Recommend The Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller To Others?

After reviewing the Steelcraft Agile SP Stroller, there are definitely some points I didn’t love about this stroller, however this particular model has since been replaced for the Steelcraft Elite Stroller which has fixed some of the issues discussed.

I am definitely glad a purchased a pram that was easy to collapse, with an all in one frame and seat. I did really love this pram while my baby was small. However the accessibility to the storage basket was a big downfall.


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