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8 must-have newborn items (and you can win them all!)

Wondering what you actually need for your baby?

We’ve taken the stress out of finding those essential items your newborn needs, and have rounded up a list of must-have products for your little one.

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1. A baby carrier

There are so many benefits for both you and baby when using a baby carrier – they will love the feeling of being close to you, and you can go about your day with both hands free. 

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move is a popular choice of baby carrier, and for a good reason: it’s designed for parents with an active lifestyle, features back support, a waist belt and padded shoulder straps, making it an ergonomic option. 

The Baby Carrier Move is simple to put on and take off, and its two-part design makes it easy to lift out your sleeping child. 

For more information, visit the BabyBjorn website. Read BabyBjorn reviews

2. A silk cot sheet

Regular sheets tend to tug on baby’s hair causing bald spots and knots, which can be stressful for mum and bub – that’s where the Silk Cot Fitted Sheet from Sleepy Silk comes in!

Made from the highest quality grade 6A and 25 momme mulberry silk, the Sleepy Silk Cot Sheets have a liquid-smooth finish that’s incredibly soft and frictionless (your baby’s hair will glide over these).

The Sleepy Silk Cot Fitted Sheet is also dust-mite resistant and has been tested and certified under OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to be non-toxic and free from harmful dyes and chemicals, so you know it’s safe for baby. 

But that’s not all. Sleep Silk is offering free worldwide shipping and a ‘Try It + Love It’ 50-night guarantee! Use code TMB15 to get 15% off the entire Sleep Silk range, including silk pillowcases and eye masks for mama too. 

For more information, visit the Sleepy Silk website. You can also read Sleepy Silk Silk reviews from other parents.

3. Planet-friendly wipes

Worried about how the baby wipes you’re using impact the planet? We have a solution. The new GAIA Plant-Based Water Wipes are biodegradable, compostable and formulated with 99.4% pure water, making them a more earth-friendly choice for your family. Made from as few ingredients as possible, these baby wipes are perfect for the mild and gentle cleansing of newborn skin.

Another must-have earth-friendly product are GAIA’s Organic Cotton Pads. Perfect for cleaning baby’s delicate eye area, the face, body and skin folds, these Organic Cotton Pads are entirely GMO-free, pesticide-free and biodegradable, making them better for the environment. 

For more information, visit the GAIA website. Or you can read GAIA reviews from other parents. 

4. Eco-friendly baby essentials

Our friends at One Eco Step have put together a tremendous eco-friendly baby essentials pack for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. These mum-tested products are great for feeding, washing bottle and pump parts, sleeping and changing nappies on-the-go.

The pack includes: 

  • 1 x Haakaa 100 ml Silicone Breast Pump 
  • 1 x Oxo-biodegradable Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • 1 x Certified Organic Cotton Bodysuit
  • 1 x Biodegradable Change Mats 
  • 1 x Natural Baby Bottle Cleanser
  • 1 x Certified Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle
  • 1 x Bamboo Muslin Swaddle

For more information about this bundle, visit One Eco Step. You can also read One Eco Step reviews from Tell Me Baby community members. 

5. Swaddle sleeping bag

The Swaddle Up™ swaddle by Love To Dream is loved by parents in Australia and around the world, and has been helping sleep deprived parents and their babies achieve better, longer sleep since 2009. This multi-award winning swaddle allows babies to sleep in a more natural sleep position with their arms up™, thanks to its unique patented wing design. The arms up™ design allows babies to bring their hands to their mouth for comfort and to self-soothe™. This time-saving swaddle is easy to get baby in and out of, and saves endless wrapping and re-wrapping versus traditional swaddles. 

The Swaddle Up™ is also designed to allow the recommended flexion for babies’ hips and legs, freeing up their hips and legs to move in a more natural ‘frog-like’ leg and hip position and is certified hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

For more information, visit the Love To Dream website. You can also read Love To Dream reviews

6. A baby capsule

The Britax Safe-n-Sound UNITY ™ ISOFIX is the only baby capsule suitable for low birth weight and premmie babies without restrictive medical conditions. You won’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing the capsule too fast, as it’s suitable from birth through to 12 months (approx), and you can be sure your baby will be safe and secure. The Integrated Stabilising Bar ensures the capsule won’t rotate in the event of a crash, while the EPS Foam and High Side Walls offer maximum protection against side impact. 

For smaller babies, the Britax UNITY ™ COMFORT INSERT offers additional full-body comfort and support in any baby capsule or convertible car seat. With around 7% of all babies being of low birth weight, this insert will keep your precious bundle safe, snug and cocooned in comfort and safety. This insert has been tested and certified with Britax Safe-n-Sound UNITY capsules and B-First.

For more information, visit Britax’s website. Read Britax Safe-n-Sound reviews from other parents. 

7. A teething mitt

Once your baby starts teething, it can be challenging for parents to watch on as their little ones are in pain. One thing that is known to help is giving them something to munch on. Parents everywhere are becoming fast fans of the Malarkey Munch Mitt – a wearable teething toy to help soothe your baby’s sore gums. 

The Malarkey Munch Mitt is the world’s first silicone teething mitt. It’s also BPA & phthalate free, making it a safe choice for babies. As well as providing some much-needed comfort for baby, the Malarkey Munch Mitt features a stimulating crinkle sound and visually stimulating patterns, creating an added sensory experience for your little one. Once baby has a good munch on this mitt, parents can throw it in the wash and use it again and again. 

Available in a range of colours and patterns, the Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt is now available at Coles. To purchase, visit your local Coles or visit the Coles website.

8. Nappy bag

As any seasoned parent will tell you, an excellent nappy bag can make all the difference when it comes to leaving the house with small children. 

A popular choice for Tell Me Baby parents is the OiOi Botanical Floral Backpack – in fact, it’s the same shape nappy bag that won the Tell Me Baby’s Highest Rated Nappy Bag award in 2020! 

Now available in a hand-illustrated botanical floral print, this nappy bag is a stylish and comfortable way to carry all your baby’s needs – just pop it on your back or use the pram clips to attach it to your pram. The nappy bag also features lots of pockets, a change mat, insulated bag for baby’s bottle, and a zip-top purse for dirties.

For more information, visit OiOi. Or read OiOi baby bag reviews


  • Britax Safe-n-Sound UNITY ISOFIX Baby Capsule, RRP $499 and Britax Unity Comfort Insert, RRP $49.95
  • BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move, RRP $229.99
  • OiOi Botanical Floral Backpack, RRP $189.85
  • One Eco Step ‘New Mum & Baby’ pack: includes GOTS CERTIFIED organic cotton bodysuit, biodegradable change mats, natural baby bottle cleanser, HAAKAA breast pump, muslin swaddles (organic cotton and bamboo), eco-friendly breastmilk storage bags, RRP $113.65
  • Sleepy Silk Silk Cot Sheet, RRP $85
  • 3 x Malarkey Munch Mitt, RRP $60
  • Love To Dream Swaddle Up 1.0 TOG, RRP $39.95
  • 6 x packs of GAIA Plant Based Water Wipes, RRP $6.95 ea
  • 4 x packs of GAIA Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads, RRP $4.95 ea
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