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We are an Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks.

MooGoo came about when the head of our herd thought it was unusual that his mother was using a product made for cows for her skin condition. The “Udder Cream” being used in dairy farms was designed to help keep the skin on cow’s udders in prime condition for milking. Cow’s udders need to be soft and supple, not dry or cracked. However the original Udder Cream his mother used was very thick to apply. So he set about adapting this cream for humans by making it lighter and non-greasy.

We have now moved on to greener pastures, expanding our range of skin products to help with lots of different skin issues. However, we have kept the same philosophy about our products. That is making products full of healthy ingredients for children and adults, and use nothing we don’t feel is right for our own skin. Tired of products that tell you what they “don’t” use and not what they do? We are proud to show all our ingredients on our website, not just the pretty ones.



Many people, including babies, are troubled by skin that becomes red, dry and sometimes itchy around the scalp, hairline, neck, ears, eye areas, and along the side of the nose and mouth. These are oily areas of the skin and sometimes yeast on the skin can become more prevalent and cause irritation. This version of our moisturising cream helps return the skin to a healthy condition. Like all our cream it can be used anywhere on the body. MooGoo Scalp Cream can also be used as a general moisturiser.

For the symptomatic relief of Seborrheic Dermatitis in adults, and Cradle Cap in infants.

  • For red, dry, itchy skin around the scalp, neck, ears, eye area, and along the nose and mouth
  • Olive Oil is extremely moisturising and helps keep the scalp in good health
  • Tea Tree Oil loosens dead skin cells and flakes, and keeps scalp fresh
  • Lavender Oil helps to loosen flakes
  • Rosemary Oil has calming and soothing properties

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