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Reviewing guidelines and tips

Looking for some inspiration when writing a review, or want to know what makes a great review? Check our advice below …

Write a review   

Reviews must be at least 50 words to earn points for the Tell Me Baby rewards program.

When writing, describe your experience with the product in detail. Here are some questions to consider when leaving a review:

Adding images

Add an image   

You’ll earn 100 extra points for adding 3 images of the product you’re reviewing – and seeing different aspects of the product will help other parents as they’re looking at all the reviews, too.

Keep these things in mind when taking photos:

Photos that are of low quality, don’t show any details, are blurry or otherwise not of the required standard will not be published, and extra points will not be allocated.

Adding videos

Add a video   

We love videos of products in action – and you’ll earn 100 extra points for sharing a video with us, too. Here are a few guidelines: