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Best baby products of 2024: Tell Me Baby Award winners

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We are thrilled to announce this years Tell Me Baby 2024 Award Winners!

Unlike many other awards, the Tell Me Baby Award winners aren’t chosen by a panel of judges. They are based on genuine reviews by Australian parents who have independently bought and used the products – so you know the results can be trusted. 

Put simply, the highest rated baby products win.

From car seats to dummies, pregnancy tests to cots, these are the products Aussie parents genuinely recommend this year. 

And the winners are …

Best Pram: Edwards & Co Olive Stroller, 5 stars!

Best baby capsule: Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity NEOS Baby Capsule, 4.6 stars!

Best convertible car seat: Britax Safe-n-Sound Graphene EA IFIX Convertible Car Seat, 4.8 stars!

Best nappy: Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies, 4.6 stars!

Best nappy bag: OiOi Signature Nappy Backpack, 4.5 stars!

Best nappy cream: Sudocrem Healing Cream, 4.7 stars!

Best baby wipes: WaterWipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes, 4.2 stars!

Best toddler snack: Kiddylicious Veggie Straws, 4.3 stars!

Best baby cereal: Nestlé CERELAC Multigrain with Banana & Apple, 4.3 stars!


Best food pouch: Rafferty’s Garden Blueberry & Banana Custard 6m+, 4.8 stars!

Best baby bottle: Pigeon SofTouch Bottle (PP), 4.7 stars!

Best sippy cup: Sippy Cup, 4.6 stars!

Best portable breast pump: Medela Freestyle Hands Free Breast Pump, 4.6 stars!

Best steriliser: Tommee Tippee Super-Steam Advanced Electric Steriliser, 4.3 stars!

Best baby health: Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray, 4.8 stars!

Best baby haircare: GAIA Natural Baby Hair & Body Wash, 4.4 stars!

Best baby moisturiser: MooGoo Baby Fast Absorbing Lotion with Ceramides, 4.8 stars!

Best baby wash: MooGoo 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash, 4.5 stars!

Best breast care: Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs, 4.4 stars!

Best maternity pillow: Butterfly Maternity Pillow, 4.7 stars!

Best pregnancy test: First Response Early Result In-Stream Pregnancy Test, 4.7 stars!

Best baby comforter: Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toy, 4.6 stars! 

Best baby carrier: Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier, 4.4 stars!

Best baby lounger: Cushii Lounger, 4.9 stars!

Best sleeping bag & swaddle: ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag 1.0 Tog, 4.5 stars!

Best Toddler Milk Stage 3: Karicare Stage 3 Toddler Milk Drink, 4.4 stars!

Best baby soother: Medela Baby Soft Silicone Soother, 4.3 stars!

Best Mum Skincare: Gaia Skin Naturals Skin Oil, 4.7 stars!

Best drink bottle: Drink Bottle, 4.5 stars!

Best Toddler feeding accessory: Snack Box, 4.9 stars!

Best post partum care: Multi-Mam Post Birth Spray, 4.6 stars!

Best Swim Nappy: Tooshies ECO Swim Pants, 4.4 stars!

Best Bassinet: iL Tutto CoZee Breeze Plus Bassinet Bedside Sleeper with Rocking Legs, 4.9 stars!

Best Sleep Aid: Glow Dreaming Glow Sleep Easy, 4.5 stars!

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