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Sign up to TMB Rewards.


Search for products you and your baby have tried.


Review those products.


Earn 10-15 points per review.


Redeem points for Coles, Kmart or Target vouchers!

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Earn 10 points for each 50-word product review you leave (or 15 points if you include 3 photos).

The more reviews you leave, the more you can earn – up to $750!

Once you claim a voucher, points will be deducted from your balance and you can begin earning all over again.

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Review Guidelines to Follow

Make sure you follow these guidelines so your reviews and photos will be eligible to earn points.

Got questions?

How do I earn points?

After signing up to the Member Program, you earn 10 points for each eligible review you leave.

If you include 3 of your own images of the product, you’ll receive 5 extra points.

Eligible reviews must be a minimum of 50 words, and be detailed and helpful.

Can I create multiple accounts?

Only one account may be created per household (IP addresses are tracked).

How do I convert my points to vouchers?

The more reviews you leave, the more points you’ll have. When you reach 100 points you will be contacted by Tell Me Baby, and you will need to provide proof of your identity (if you haven’t already). Once we have seen the ID, you can choose whether you’d like a $20 gift card for Coles, Kmart, or Target. You will be sent the voucher in the mail.

Your points balance then resets, and you can start reviewing more products to earn more points.

When you reach 250 points, you can redeem them for a $50 gift card.

At 500 rewards points you’ll get a $100 gift card.

At 1000 rewards points you’ll get a $200 gift card, and will have completed the Rewards Program.

Each reward can only be claimed once and each level must be achieved in order.

*PLEASE NOTE: Vouchers take 5-7 days to process once you have replied to let TMB know your voucher preference.

Are there any other perks of joining TMB Rewards?

In our weekly Rewards email, you’ll get member-only offers, special discounts, and bonus point competitions, as well as parenting tips and tricks from our community.

Will my points ever expire?

No – your points will not expire.

I need help! Who can I contact?

Email and we’ll reply within 24 hours.


Terms & Conditions

Tell Me Baby offers all Users access to TMB Rewards as part of the Service. To qualify and join TMB Rewards, current Users will need to have earned one hundred (100) points since the date TMB Rewards started. Upon joining the program, you will be contacted by Tell Me Baby to supply photo identification to verify your account. Photo ID is sighted once for account verification and then immediately deleted. You may hide licence/passport information as necessary, apart from name, post code and ID photo. Once your account is verified, you shall receive your $20 voucher. Each level will be earned in order Super > Expert > Influencer > VIP. Points will not be awarded for reviews; that are duplicate, not published, reviewed by user who does not own/has not used the product, do not meet the word limits of at least fifty (50) words. You can claim each reward only once. Reviews are for the benefit of other parents, if they suspected of being fake, we have an obligation under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 to remove from the site and not publish and these reviews will not be eligible for TMB Rewards points. Points are only awarded at the discretion of Tell Me Baby.

*PLEASE NOTE: Vouchers take 5-7 days to process once you have replied to let TMB know your voucher preference.

A TMB Rewards review will consist of a rating out of five (5) stars and will have a comment of at least fifty (50) words. All previous reviews will not accumulate points unless expressly agreed by Tell Me Baby. There is no time limit or expiry on TMB Rewards points and Tell Me Baby will inform you when you have hit the point targets. Businesses, TMB Employees, and TMB Contractors are not eligible for TMB Rewards. The benefits to a User joining TMB Rewards include but are not limited to the collection of points in the TMB Rewards system. The TMB Rewards Program is eligible to Australian residents only. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Tell Me Baby without notice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions for the Tell Me Baby site for further details. 

Please note: our reviews are entirely authentic and are left by real Australian parents – the products aren’t sponsored or gifted, so you can trust the genuinely honest reviews here at Tell Me Baby.