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Reward program FAQs

The most important details

⭐ You can claim a reward when you reach 2000 points (a $20 Tell Me Baby shop voucher), 3000 points (a $20 Coles, Kmart or Target voucher), or 4000 points ($50 Tell Me Baby shop credit). Here’s how to claim a reward.

⭐ We need to see your ID before we can send you a voucher. You can verify your ID here.

It can take 7-10 days to receive a Coles/Kmart/Target voucher after ordering. If it hasn’t arrived by then, please check your spam folder as it may go there – the emails are sent from ‘Coles Digital Cards’ or similar, not Tell Me Baby.

⭐ You can only have one account per household.

⭐ You can’t use shop credit to buy a Coles, Kmart or Target voucher. Read more here.

⭐ If you have any questions at any time, email us at

FAQs in more detail

The basics



And the rest

The basics

How do I sign up to Tell Me Baby (TMB)? Does it cost anything?

You can sign up in two ways: using your Facebook account, or by using your email address and creating a password. It’s completely free to create an account and to take part in the program. You can sign up here.

How do I earn points?

What should I put in the reviews and my photos?

You can find tips on what to include in your reviews here.

All photos must be original and show relevant details (not just be of the packaging/boxes).

Can I start multiple accounts, or can my partner start an account?

Only one account may be created per household. If we suspect that a second account has been opened we can deactivate it without further negotiation, and any vouchers earned under the second account will not be paid.


How can I check how many points I have?

Click here to get the launcher pop up and see how many points you have. To log in, simply use the same email address and password you use to login to the review site.

You can also click on the rewards launcher icon at the bottom of every page in our shop to log in and see your points. It looks like this:

When will my review be published, and when will I get my points?

It can take around 24-48 hours for our moderators to check and publish your review, and to have your points added to your account.

Will my points expire if I don’t use them?

No, your points will not expire.

The rewards

What are the rewards?

You can redeem your points for rewards when you earn the following points. After redeeming a reward, you can review more products to earn more points and more vouchers/shop credit.

It can take 7-10 days to receive your Coles, Kmart or Target voucher via email after placing your order and verifying your ID. Please check your spam folder if it hasn’t arrived after this time.

How do I claim a reward?

To claim your points as a Coles, Kmart or Target voucher:

  1. Log in through the pop-up in the shop (or by clicking here). Click on ‘ALL REWARDS’ to see what you can claim.
  2. Choose the Coles/Kmart/Target voucher option, then follow the steps. When you get to the ‘add product to cart’ button click on it; you’ll be directed to the vouchers page in the TMB shop.
  3. Once you’re in the shop, choose which card you want (click on the Coles, Kmart or Target option), and add it to your cart.
  4. Fill out your details at the checkout – your card will be emailed to you in 7-10 days.

If you have enough points to redeem more than one card, repeat steps 2 to 4 in the process above for each $20 voucher.

To claim your points as credit to spend in the TMB store:

  1. Log in through the pop-up in the shop (or by clicking here). Click on ‘ALL REWARDS’ to see what you can claim.
  2. Choose the TMB shop voucher option, then click ‘redeem’.
  3. Copy the code, then visit the TMB shop. Add the product/s you want to buy to your cart, then head to the checkout.
  4. Paste the code into the ‘gift card or discount code’ field, and your discount will be applied. Then checkout as normal.

If it’s your first time redeeming points, we’ll need to verify your ID (see question below). This only needs to be done once.

NB: If your options aren’t showing in the ‘ALL REWARDS’ section, scroll down and click on ‘YOUR REWARDS’. You can choose your reward there.

How do I verify my ID?

Before receiving a voucher for the first time, you must provide a valid form of photo ID, such as a driver’s licence. This is because we must ensure that member accounts are legitimate and belong to real people who reside in Australia. This is also used to check against fraudulent accounts.

You can provide your ID to us at any time using this form. You will be asked to send photos of the card – both the back and front. You can edit out your licence number and signature – we just need to see your name, address, date of birth and photo.

We may ask to see additional proof of residency at any time during your membership.

If you don’t have a licence or proof of age card, please email us at and we will organise another option for you.

When will I get my voucher?

It can take 7-10 days to receive your Coles, Kmart or Target voucher via email after placing your order and verifying your ID. Please check your spam folder if it hasn’t arrived after a week.

Tell Me Baby shop credit is applied immediately – there’s no wait to receive it.

Can I use my store credit to buy a voucher?

No. If you order a voucher using TMB shop credit your order will be cancelled.

What happens when I reach ‘Influencer’ level?

Once you’ve earned a total of 37,000 points you’ve completed the review program, but we’d love to keep in contact – you may be asked to take part in a special program for extra rewards.

I completed the old rewards program. Can I start earning again?

If you completed all the levels in the old rewards system you are unable to earn any more points by reviewing. You are not eligible for vouchers in the new rewards program.

And the rest

I’m having trouble with my password – help!

If you can’t remember your password, try the password reset option. You’ll be sent an email with a replacement password. Please check your spam folder for the email as it may end up there.

If that doesn’t work, email us and we’ll sort it out.

I have another question not answered here – who can I talk to?

Email and we’ll reply within 48 hours. Please check your spam folder for our reply as sometimes our emails end up there.

Terms and conditions of the TMB rewards program