About Us

Tell Me Baby
Tell Me Baby is where parents can review baby products, and, in return, earn points that can be redeemed for Coles, Kmart and Target vouchers – helping other parents with 100% honest, authentic reviews of the items we use every day, while getting rewarded.

When Julia and Mat Colbron became parents for the first time, they turned to the Internet for guidance and much needed help (as many new parents do). They quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of misleading and contradicting information; product reviews came from consumers trying out free samples with an obligation to the brand supplying them, or blog posts spouted biased advice with some kind of promotional skew.

In the end, it was the advice from other parents that made the most sense, steering them through the challenges and uncertainties of their new and unfamiliar roles.

With this philosophy of parents helping other parents, Julia and Mat founded Tell Me Baby, an online community where parents can swap unbiased, honest advice about products, share their most sacred parenting tips and offer genuine support to each other.

The go-to resource for child-related products

Tell Me Baby has grown into a powerful community. Parents have a place to voice their stories, to learn from other parents in a safe and trusted environment, and to feel a part of something bigger. It’s now the go-to resource to seek clarity about child-related products.

Tell Me Baby is quickly expanding into Australia’s most interactive, respected and talked about digital parenting communities.

It’s free to join – and as a member, you’ll earn Kmart, Coles and Target vouchers, just for being active on the site.