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5 best baby formulas for supplementing

best formulas for supplementing

There are lots of reasons why mums supplement or mixed feed their baby. Whatever the reason, choosing the best formula for supplementing can be tricky because there are so many different types on the market. 

With that in mind, it is best to discuss formula options with your doctor, child health nurse or dietician.

For those who have been advised to supplement with formula, the Tell Me Baby community has rated the best formulas for supplementing they’ve tried and shared their opinions on what has, or hasn’t, worked for them.

Based on their baby formula reviews, we’ve put together a list of the best baby formulas for supplementing. (Read our baby formula comparisons to find the top-rated products.)

Under the WHO Code, the information presented here is free from advertising and is based on unbiased opinions from parents.

Five best formulas for supplementing

1. Nestlé NAN COMFORT 1

best formulas for supplementing

A whey dominant starter infant formula made from cow’s milk, Nestlé NAN COMFORT 1 is a popular choice for parents in the Tell Me Baby community. One parent wrote: “Great for mix feeding – but expires quickly.” 

Another mum said, “Would 101% recommend this formula to anyone wanting to combi feed, transition or start straight on formula!”

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2. S-26 Gold Newborn

best formulas for supplementing

S-26 Gold Newborn is a premium infant formula designed for babies from birth to support their growth and development. Parents in our community have used this formula for both mixed exclusive formula feeding. 

“Great formula. I have used this one from an early age when my milk had not yet come in, and bubs was losing weight and really hungry,” said one parent. “When we started the mixed feeding he managed to put on 400g in a 24 hour period and was much more alert and a very happy baby.”

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3. Aptamil Gold+ 1

best formula for supplementing

A nutritionally complete formula for babies from birth to 6 months, Aptamil Gold+ 1 is another one for parents to consider when formula feeding.

One mum said she had no issues using this brand to supplement. 

“I used this for my son to supplement as well as breast milk, and I found that it was the best choice for us. He had no tummy issues adjusting, no constipation and he loved the taste,” she said. 

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4. Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 1

best formula for supplementing

Another highly-reviewed baby formula is Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 1, a premium whey dominant starter infant formula made from cow’s milk.

One parent said: “We recently gave this formula a go after a recommendation from my doctor as I needed to supplement my breastfed baby. I was apprehensive that my baby who was breastfed exclusively for 12 weeks prior to introducing the formula but she took it, and we’ve had no issues.”

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5. Mamia Gold Infant Formula Step 1

Best formula for supplementing

Another highly rated baby formula, Mamia Gold Infant Formula Step 1 has also been used by TMB parents for supplementing.  

“We have recently started using this formula as just a top up for our newborn in between feeds, but she seems to be liking it and took to it well,” said one parent. “I was worried it would be gold that it would be harsh on her belly, but she doesn’t seem to have any issues with it.”

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