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NAN Comfort 1 is a whey dominant starter infant formula, from cow’s milk, that is specially designed to help ensure your formula fed infant receives balanced, high quality nutrition.

NAN Comfort 1 is nutritionally complete for healthy infants from birth. For hygiene and convenience, it is available in an innovative packaging format with a separate storage area for the scoop, and a semi-transparent window which allows you to see how much powder is left in the can without having to open it.

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Whey Dominant


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gentle on stomachno constipationeasy to mixhighly recommendgreat pricebest formula
October 16, 2019
Love it

We started Bub on comfort but changed due to colic which was a regret as to giving him constipation after a bit we changed back to comfort 1. After 3 weeks back on it his constipation was fixed and back to normal. He loves it! It isn’t expensive either woolies…Read More

Tracey Crossingham
October 6, 2019
Baby happy with this formula

We started on Aptimal Gold but after a few weeks my son started suffering from constipation. We switched to Nan Comfort 1. The formula seemed to mixed better, satisfy my son and he hasn’t had constipation issues since.

October 1, 2019

Changed to this formula after the first one we used constipated our baby. This one is definitely working with helping keeping her regular and Keeping her tummy from being upset! Not expensive either unlike some of the other formulas which are the exact same, would never go back after having…Read More

Nicola Dias
September 21, 2019
Not great did my baby

Everyone in my Facebook mum group reccomends this but I found it to be not so great. It gave my baby quite a bit of reflux and did not seem to satisfy him even though we upped the oz. my baby is mainly breast fed but I use formula top…Read More

September 8, 2019
Didn't help with bub's constipation

After switching from S26 Original which was constipating him, this formula unfortunately didn't seem to really alleviate his constipation when he was pooing out pellets. One good thing about it was that it came with a scoop that rested on the top of the can. Maybe I should have gave…Read More

Product Features



  • Age Suitability: From birth
  • Net Weight: 800g

Key Features

Key Features

  • Whey dominant
  • Hygienic, innovative packaging


Q: What is the main difference between a starter (Stage 1) and follow-on (Stage 2) formula?
A: A starter infant formula is suitable from birth and, for non-breastfed infants, can be a sole source of nutrition. A follow-on formula is to be used from 6 month­­s of age, around which time complementary foods start being introduced into the diet. These formulas are nutritionally adapted to the needs of the growing and older infant.
Q: Can my baby stay on starter (stage 1) formula after 6 months, if it suits him/her better?
A: Yes, there are no problems with a baby over 6 months continuing on starter formula if it suits them better.
Q: Are your NAN infant formulas and toddler milks Halal certified?
A: Yes – NAN OPTIPRO 2, NAN OPTIPRO 3 Toddler Milk, NAN Comfort 1, NAN Comfort 2 and NAN Comfort 3 Toddler Milk

No – All other Nestlé infant formula products and toddler milks

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