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Wean Meister

Whether you are just beginning the exciting adventure of weaning onto solids… or wanting to up skill your toddler to become more independent – Wean Meister is for you! We create high quality silicone baby feeding products that are innovative and totally practical – so it makes your transition into the world of solids stress free and lots of fun! Our products are guaranteed time savers. Weaning is such a fun adventure – we make it easy, so you can enjoy special moments along the way. Wean Meister is stylish and on trend! Thanks to our beautiful pastel colours and our strong attention to detail – such as geometric edging or our hipster bib characters, like Beatnik Bear ;o) And stylish also equals quality – we have extra supports built in, so our silicone is strong – not floppy! And high grade, because your baby’s wellbeing is top of our list! Even the holes on our bib straps are reinforced, so they will never snap – it’s all the little things that add up to Wean Meister!

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