39 baby names that don’t have easy nicknames

A lot of thought goes into choosing a baby name, but something parents might overlook is the possible nicknames that come with that name.

Or perhaps they do consider the monikers, which makes them rethink their baby name choice altogether.

In a thread on Mumsnet, one mum said she loves the name Gabriel but hates the nickname Gabe. 

“I love the name Gabriel. I hate Gabe though. What else can Gabriel be shortened to?” she asked. 

Most commenters suggested the mum avoid using Gabriel if she really doesn’t like Gabe. 

“If you don’t like Gabe. Avoid Gabriel,” said one commenter. “He might want to use Gabe himself, and you won’t be able to stop him. It’d be his name.”

Another wrote: “I think it’d be hard to avoid Gabe (which I love!). However, the Gabriel’s I know are just Gabriel mostly. Great name!”

The children with no nicknames

While no one can predict or control all the nicknames your little one will receive (you never know what traits they’ll have that will lend themselves to an easy nickname), you can at least choose a baby name that’s difficult to shorten, making it hard for friends and family to adopt common pet names.

To help you out, baby name giant Nameberry has put together a list of baby names with no nicknames, and here are some of our favourites. 

39 baby names with no nicknames

  1. Ada
  2. Ari
  3. Austin
  4. Bailey
  5. Beau
  6. Belle
  7. Beth
  8. Blair
  9. Claire
  10. Cody
  11. Cole
  12. Cora
  13. Daisy
  14. Ellis
  15. Finn
  16. Flora
  17. Fox
  18. Greta
  19. Hank
  20. Ivy
  21. Joel
  22. Jude
  23. Kate
  24. Leo
  25. Luke
  26. Maeve
  27. Max
  28. Milo
  29. Nash
  30. Noah
  31. Nora
  32. Olive
  33. Owen
  34. Pearl
  35. Ralph
  36. Rex
  37. Ruby
  38. Ruth
  39. Tate

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