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Forget the bed or bath: here’s why you should labour on the toilet

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While it’s important to labour in a position that’s most comfortable for you, there’s one spot you might not have thought of: the toilet.

That’s right, according to a doula from North Dallas Doula Associates, the toilet is an excellent place for women to labour and “help a baby descend into the pelvis.”

“All of my clients know that I love using the toilet for labour. It’s the best way to release a pelvic floor and help a baby descend into the pelvis,” says the doula in a post shared on Instagram.

“One of the best labour positions”

The only downside is the contractions might be stronger. 

“The contractions are super intense on the potty, but that’s because they are super productive! Trust me when I tell you, this is one of the all-time best labour positions!!!!”

Echoing this, Australian Birth Stories wrote a post about the position on Facebook. 

“There’s a few great reasons why labouring on the toilet is effective,” they write. “The squat position allows your pelvis to open wide allowing the baby to move down.

“You’re used to relaxing your pelvic floor muscles on the toilet, so these muscles often instinctively relax when you take the position.”

Importantly, if you need to empty your bladder or bowel – you can!

Active Labour on the Toilet There’s a few great reasons why labouring on the toilet is effective. The squat position…

Posted by Australian Birth Stories on Friday, July 26, 2019

Additionally, the way you face is up to you.

“You can sit forwards or face backwards on the toilet. Sitting backwards takes the pressure of the sacrum during back labour,” says the post. “Pillows and towels can be placed on the system so you can rest your head and get comfortable.”

“3 contractions on the toilet, 3 off”

Lots of mums commented, saying they laboured on the toilet with excellent results.

One mum wrote: “Yep! It brings labour on full swing! My midwives made deals with me ‘3 contractions on the toilet, 3 off.’

“On my last, this was 100% the most comfortable position by far…..was annoyed tho that after a point they wouldn’t let me sit on it anymore due to ‘Too much paperwork involved if I gave birth in the toilet,'” another shared.

Another said: “Sure did, during transition, it helped immensely. When I started feeling pressure to push I told hubby to take me into the bath pronto.”

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