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The one thing mums forget to pack in their hospital bags

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“What should I pack in my hospital bag?” It’s a common question women start asking towards the end of pregnancy, but there’s one item in particular that often gets left behind. 

In our latest Facebook live, sponsored by WaterWipes, Midwife Tylah says the number one thing to remember is hair ties … and lots of them!

“They get swallowed up by some hospital monster,” says Tylah. “And keeping your hair back in labour is essential.”

Also, if you are having a c-section or getting an epidural, keeping your hair out of the way can be really important from an infection control point of view. 

Watch the full interview below

Fairy lights!

Listing some items that you wouldn’t normally think to pack in a hospital bag, Tylah also says mints and massage oils are good to throw in. 

And packing items that can help create a nicer atmosphere in the birthing suite can help bring on those love hormones needed for labour.

“Fairy lights can be an absolute mood changer; we love those in the rooms,” she says. “It calms the environment and makes it super special – just the battery operated ones.”

“People underestimate the power of heat”

Other items could include photos of family members, music to play, comfort items from home, or an oil diffuser, if that will help you to feel more comfortable.

As for pain relief, a TENS machine can be very effective. And don’t forget to pack a heat pack!

“I think people underestimate the power of heat as a pain relief option,” she says. 

After birth, Tylah says having some nappies and your own baby wipes can be really handy. 

“[The hospital] will generally give you one or two nappies. And what they will give you are dry wipes to use, which you can wet under the tap. But if you’re recovering from a c section…trying to get up and go to the tap can be a bit tricky.”

WaterWipes are a super great option because there’s very limited ingredients in them, so no harsh chemicals for baby.”

What else?

Other items to pack in your hospital bag that you might not have thought of include:

  • a good pair of ear plugs
  • dry shampoo 
  • a change of clothes for your partner
  • disposable underwear
  • slides (not thongs – so you can still wear socks)
  • nipple cream
  • pens
  • lip balm and moisturisers
  • a zip swaddle for baby.

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