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Mums share the ridiculous things their partners said or did during birth

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Some things are better left unsaid, especially when it comes to supporting your partner in labour.

On the Tiny Hearts Instagram page, one mum shared her reaction to her husband saying how tired he was and fell asleep right after her emergency caesarean birth.

She then asked other mums to share the “stupid sh*t” their partners said or did during labour and childbirth – and boy did they answer.

While we’re sure some of these complaints were genuine, it’s nothing compared to what their other halves were experiencing.

Here are some of our favourites.

So I can’t go and get the new iPhone?

One mum rang her partner to let him know she was in early labour – telling him to come home from work, but he wanted to make a quick pit-stop to Optus for a new iPhone.

“4pm – ‘Hey honey, I’m in early labour, you can finish your work day but come home right after’ and then he has the audacity to say ‘oh…. so I can’t go to Optus and get the new iPhone tonight?’” the mum shared. 

Toilet break, please!

Another mum said just as she was about start pushing her hubby asked them to wait so he could go to the toilet – they did.

“Finally 10cm dilated, partner was downstairs getting a coffee, walks in the room. I’m up in stirrups ready to start pushing and my husband says ‘hang on a minute I need to go to the toilet’ 😂😂 so yes we waited for him to go pee 🤦🏼‍♀️.”


This mum shared an honest mistake her husband made while she was in the birthing bath.

“He emptied the bath by accident when he was trying to refill it and being a birthing bath it emptied fast and I was left there cold with the gas when the next contraction hit whilst I waited for them to fill it 😂.”

“I’m so tired”

One woman’s husband made a familiar gaff of revealing how tired he was.

“After being in labour for 16 hours… “Oh man, I’m so tired. I hope she comes out soon.” Yeah me too mate, meeeee too. She took another 2 hours to arrive,” she shared.

“Poor little poppet”

Note to partners: have your own Panadol at the ready or suffer in silence.

One mum wrote: “My husband had midwives running around organising him Panadol because the poor little poppet had a headache 😑.”

“I’m so uncomfortable”

In between pushing, one man expressed his displeasure about the chair he was sitting in.

“You’d think after a revamp of the hospital they could have put in better chairs – I’m so uncomfortable” – 2nd baby in between pushing,” said the mum.

Back by 4pm, promise!

One partner expressed some serious wishful thinking about going to the BMX shop – we’re sure the answer was no.

“Hey babe is it okay if I go to the BMX bike shop? I’ll be back by 4pm before they push you down the birth suite…I promise 😂.”

Simple mistake

Awww, bless. We’re sure this one was an honest mistake in the heat of the moment.

“Packed all his toiletries instead of mine when we were about to leave to go to the hospital,” explained one mum.

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