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Mums review the genius new Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag

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Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag

Baby sleeping bags are a great alternative to using blankets (and are a lot safer for your bub!). But having to buy a new sleep bag every time the season changes can be expensive. 

That’s where the new Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag All Seasons Sleep Bag comes in. Designed with a world-leading sleep laboratory and a qualified paediatrician at Northumbria University, this practical sleep bag has a dual tog rating, which means it’s suitable for year-round use.

Featuring easily-changed insulation layers, parents can adjust the level of warmth of the sleeping bag – and it can even be done during the night without disturbing baby’s sleep.

Made from soft, fluorescent-free 100% cotton-rich jersey fabric, the All Seasons Sleep Bag also comes with an easy two-way zip opening that’s perfect for night-time nappy changes.

We asked two mums from the Tell Me Baby community what they thought of the All Seasons Sleep Bag; here’s what they said.

What our reviewers thought of the Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag

Bronwen, mum to an 8 week old, says: All in all, I would recommend this for summer, spring and autumn months. Don’t buy 3 different bags – save money and drawer space!

Ashleigh, mum to a 12 week old, says: The bag will be great for my baby as we move into autumn and winter. It’s really easy to use once you get the hang of it, and the removable layers allow for use through all different kinds of weather. 

First impressions of the Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag

Bronwen says: The Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag colouring is a calming light blue and white and although it says up to 6 months, I would think I would get a lot more life out of it as it is quite long. The material is soft and suitably thick, without being too heavy. 

Ashleigh says: My first impression of the Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag was that it was larger than I expected considering the packaging, and I felt it was going to be way too big for my newborn baby boy. However, once I opened it I could see that it’s made that way to accommodate a growing baby – which I now realise happens way quicker than I expected! The material of the bag is very soft and comfortable with a cute print on the extra layers. When you take both layers off, the single bag is very lightweight and breathable for the very hot days.

How the Tommee Tippee All Seasons Sleep Bag works

Bronwen says: The bag is easy to use and without checking instructions I was easily able to convert the bag from the heavier tog to the lightweight tog. Nicely, the zippers and pops are hidden and not touching babies skin at any point, nor do they look unsightly. I easily changed from the heavier to a lighter tog while my baby was sleeping without waking him. I love this as I often decide it’s colder than I thought it would be at night so I will be able to add a layer and without changing bags altogether (which would definitely wake him).

Ashleigh says: I used the All Seasons Sleep Bag for over three weeks. Once he reached the 12-week mark, he was sleeping in it comfortably but I needed to make sure that he was in a deep sleep before putting him in it.

The bag is quite easy to use. There’s one main zipper to open and close the bag, and two additional zippers to remove the front and back layers. There are also press studs that need to be unclipped to remove those layers and a couple underneath the armholes which allow them to get bigger when your baby grows. I’d suggest having a play around with the bag and the layers before putting your baby in it as it’s easier to remove or add the layers without a bub inside. 

My favourite feature

Bronwen says: My favourite feature is the ability to change my little one’s nappy in the middle of the night without taking him out of the bag. This is especially important as he usually falls asleep after breastfeeding at night, but with this bag I managed to change his nappy with minimal disruption to him, allowing him to easily go back to sleep. None of my other bags gives me the ability to do this. 

Ashleigh says: I have previously used another brand of swaddle bags and they worked when my baby was very small but he did grow out of them quickly. With the Tommee Tippee, it’s designed for growth and will hopefully last until he’s six months old which is a big plus. 

I really like the additional layers as I worry about my bub getting cold as the seasons change, and it was great to know that I could still use it on the warm days too.

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