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Valco Baby Snap Ultra Pram Review – Lindsay Abbott

Why Did You Choose The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Pram?

I initially went pram shopping with the idea that I would get another BIG name pram that everyone in the world seemed to have, with a price tag of $1000 plus I was starting to get a bit anxious about it all so I went seeking advice at a Baby store.  The amazing shop assistant showed me a rage of different prams, but suggested that the Valco Baby Snap Ultra would be the best suited to my needs. And it looked great in a denim upholstered look!

Valco Baby Snap

What Are The Pros Of The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Pram?

The pros of the Valco Snap Ultra is that it is light, easy to fold, has great storage underneath, is narrow, easy to manoeuvre, has a reversible seat, and tubeless tyres so no punctures!

What Are The Cons Of The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Pram?

The only con I can find is the handles get quite sweaty on your hands when walking long distances and also I think the canopy could have more of a mesh option for super hot days.

Valco Baby Snap

Is The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Pram Good Value For Money?

Valco Snap Ultra is well and truly value for money!  It is considerably cheaper than most other prams and really I believe is just as good! Mine is used various times a day and is still going strong! Its easy to clean, easy to use and has been my most used baby item of all.

Would You Recommend The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Pram To Others?

I would 100% recommend the Valco Bay Snap Ultra Pram! In fact I have and another Mum I know bought one and loves it just the same!


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