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Huggies Ultimate Nappy-Pants

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Huggies® Ultimate Nappy-Pants are our Best Care for Skin for your active baby. Their easy pull on design makes it easy for you to change your bub while they’re wriggling, crawling or even standing, and the unique resealable sides make taking them off a breeze.

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Added Gentle Balm



Motionflex® Technology

Up to 12 Hours Protection

Re-sealable Sides


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soft & gentlevery absorbentexcellentour first choicefantasticreliable
Bianca Gallicchio
January 23, 2020
Great besides the saggy nappy look

These nappies have been great for my daughter. Besides being easy to get on and off while she is doing a runner, they have been very gentle on her sensitive skin. She has had very few rashes and these nappies don't irritate her skin at all. They are very absorbable,…Read More

Dannika Brandis
January 22, 2020
Nappy pants

These are great when your toddler decides they don’t want to wear normal nappies we have tried many nappies pant including the cheaper huggies brand but we found the rest would start to fall down once they were wet where the ultimate nappy pant didn’t so while they are a…Read More

Rebecca Adams
January 12, 2020
Great nappy

I ended up going with these as with traditional nappy designs we were having a lot of leaks which were driving me crazy! I tried other cheaper options but unfortunately they caused some redness so we tried these after using ultimate newborn nappies and they are kind to the skin…Read More

Anita Gonçalves
January 5, 2020
Not a fan

I don’t like these very much. They are meant to be a premium option and they do have a nice outer finish which when you see under a girls dress can look better than a saggy nappy, but they are a bit stiff so I don’t think they are as…Read More

Danielle Ryan
December 28, 2019

These are the best nappies on the market. The hold so much and my boys never got any rashes they hugged the legs and were true to sizing. They always have the cutest little designs and we’re the perfect nappy especially after my son had surgery. The crystals never come…Read More

Product features



  • Sizes & Suitability:
    • Size 4: 10-15kg
    • Size 5: 14-18kg
    • Size 6: 16+kg
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Pack Sizes:
    • Size 4: 50 pack
    • Size 5: 45 pack
    • Size 6: 42 pack

Key features

Key features

  • 3-Way Skin Care
  • Our Driest Nappy-Pant with Patented DRYTOUCH® Layer: Quickly absorbs away wetness and springs back dry against baby’s skin
  • Gentle Balm: With added gentle balm to help protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Motionflex® Technology: Soft and stretchy sides and flexible leg elastics to keep a close, comfy fit with every twist, turn and wriggle
  • Our Most Breathable Nappy Pant: Huggies Ultimate® Nappy-Pants BREATHE DRY® Cover has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash
  • Overnight Leakage Protection for up to 12 hours: All the absorbency of a nappy, for use both day and night
  • Unique Re-sealable Sides: Whether your little one is standing up or lying down, our easy-open sides make nappy changes a breeze.
  • Aids toilet training: Designed to be soft and stretchy so little hands can learn how to pull them up and down, just like real undies.

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