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    Your baby’s nursery is a sanctuary of peace and cherished moments, however it is also a practical place for the care of your baby. A functional change station is vital and the Leander Matty change mat is a unique product that gives you the option to use any table or dresser to change your baby.

    Matty is a sturdy, non-slip mat made of a soft and comfortable foam material (PUR) which you can place directly onto a flat surface. The silicone feet make it slip-resistant and the high sides protect your baby. The surface is 100% water proof and it is easily kept clean with a soapy cloth.

    Imagine the flexibility you now have for choosing furniture for your nursery or how easily you can set up a change station when away from home.

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    based on 27 reviews

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    Jessinta Benton
    June 23, 2022
    Jessinta Benton
    Love love love

    Honestly this is the best purchase/gift we received. I was told by a friend it was her spurlge item and worth it. At the price I wasn't sure. I put it on my work baby shower wish… Read more

    Heidi Schlesniak
    November 26, 2021
    Heidi Schlesniak
    Leander Matty - fantastic

    The Leander Matty is an excellent change mat, we were gifted this for our first Bub! It is super easy to wipe clean after accidents and soft for wriggly babies! It may seem expensive but it is… Read more

    Sarah Cliff
    November 22, 2021
    Sarah Cliff
    Functional and very pretty!

    Higher in price than some other changing mat options however this is so much more convenient than your typical change mat - never needs to go through the washing machine, can just be spray and wiped! Great… Read more

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