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Little One’s Ultra Dry Nappies

Little One’s Ultra Dry Nappies keep your babies comfortably dry, thanks to its super absorbent core that draws moisture away from baby’s skin and the Triple Layer Technology designed for fast absorption. It has fully breathable cover and super soft inner lining which give baby’s skin comfort and gentle protection.


Source: Woolworths

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2.9 Users 70 reviews (70)
5 13
4 12
3 13
2 12
1 14


2.9 Users 70 reviews (70)
5 13
4 12
3 13
2 12
1 14
September 11, 2019
Our favourite for day time

These are our go to nappy for day time. They are the most talked about and most used nappy in my mother group. My son is 15 months and has never leaked through. I’ve not tried them for night time use. They have a cute design and are pretty soft.…Read More

July 18, 2019
Too thin and no stretchy waist band

Although a great price for a nappy, i found not having a stretchy waist band caused my daughter to have red marks around her waist. I also found they never contained any large poo or much wee. They were also very smelly. I had them given as a gift, so…Read More

June 4, 2019
Good value

I thought these were great for cheap nappies, found them better than huggies. I especially liked the way they were cut at the top to sit the umbilical cord clip comfortably, compared to other brands. They didn't irritate my sons skin and absorbed moisture well. Would definitely buy these again.

May 14, 2019
Good price, not so great quailty

These nappies can be a little bit flimsy and can leak. The fit is pretty good, however not the best. Although these are affordable they really aren't worth the hassle of a leaking nappy, especially for boys. These nappies may be ok for short uses during the day, as long…Read More

May 1, 2019
Good price and quality ok

I have started to buy Little One’s Ultra Dry Nappies at Woolworth after I got disappointed with the new Cubs nappies. I felt these nappies pretty good and they're worth because of the great price comparing to the others. No reaction, no rashs to my baby's skin and it is…Read More

Product Features



  • Suitability: Boys & Girls
  • Sizes:
    • Newborn (up to 5kg)
    • Infant (4-8kg)
    • Crawler (6-11kg)
    • Toddler (10-15kg)
    • Walker (13-18kg)
    • Junior (15-25kg)

Key Features

Key Features

  • Super absorbent core
  • Triple layer technology
  • Super soft inner lining
  • Soft & breathable cover
  • Stretchy waistband*
  • Elasticised leg cuffs

*not applicable for newborn size

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