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Oricom 02SD Digital Bath & Room Thermometer – Duck

The Oricom Digital Bath and Room Thermometer is designed to monitor the temperature of baby’s bath or bedroom and to use as a fun toy for babies of all ages.

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Jennifer Such
November 13, 2019
Peace of mind

This thermometer helps take the guess work out of bath time and gives you great peace of mind that the temperature is just right for baby. The green and red lights let you know with a quick glance if the water needs to be hotter or cooler - you don’t…Read More

October 23, 2019
Such piece of mind

We love this little duck! It provided us such piece of mind as first time parents when it came to bath time. We found it to be accurate and reliable and it really is such a cute little design. We received it as a baby shower gift and have since…Read More

Angela Minogue
October 19, 2019

This product gave us piece of mind that the water was the correct temp for our little bub as first time parents. The fact that it looks like a duck toy is really cute. We found the temp displayed to be pretty accurate and it was good at keeping up…Read More

October 1, 2019
Essential for baby bathing

In early days of bathing a newborn, the temperature of the water can be a real worry for new parents. The Oricon digital thermometer gives you the peace of mind of always knowing the exact temperature of the water to make sure it's perfect for the little one. Plus it's…Read More

Nicola Dias
August 6, 2019
Peace of mind for running perfect bath

As a ftm I was very anxious when it came to running my little ones bath as I was very worried about making the water too hot or too cold and this device gives me peace of mind. It also tells room temp which is super useful at night when…Read More

Product features



Key features

Key features

  • Displays accurate temperature reading of bath or room
  • Floats in water
  • Fun and easy to use
  • LED light illuminates when water temperature is 39°C or over
  • Easy ‘tap’ to turn on operation
  • Automatic switch-off after one hour
  • Displays water temperature 0°C °to 50°C

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