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WaterWipes Baby Wipes

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WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes!  They are made in Ireland with just 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract.  These pure baby wipes offer all the benefits of cotton wool and cooled boiled water, as recommended by midwives.   Suitable from birth, they are kind to baby’s skin and may help avoid nappy rash.  They are extra soft, strong and absorbent, with a clean, fresh non-greasy feel.  WaterWipes provide the gentlest cleaning of baby’s skin possible and are even safe to use on premature babies skin and are used in many hospitals and neonatal units around Australia and the world.  WaterWipes are approved by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Association of America.

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Chemical Free

Fragrance Free

Soap Free

Alcohol Free


Suitable for dry and sensitive skin


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What the community is saying

gentle on skinchemical free99.9% waterworth the priceface & handssensitive skin
Michelle Cairns
February 16, 2020
So gentle on babies skin

With my third baby, this is the first time I have used water wipes, I will never switch brands now and absolutely love them. My babies skin is never irritated, so gentle Cleans really well. The pack holds perfect moisture right to the last wipe. Would recommend to any mum…Read More

tamika kennedy
February 16, 2020
On the fence

I do love these wipes, though for the price point we cannot afford to buy these on a regular basis. The only other down side is these can try out quite quickly. If you just are leaving them in your nappy bag in the car you can’t rely on them…Read More

Ellyse Hobby
February 14, 2020
Over priced

A friend put me onto these. I only bought them once when they were on special and even then they were expensive. I understand that they are made of water and are sensitive on newborn skin but I don't see the hype over them. I found them great to use…Read More

Teisha Clark
February 14, 2020

I have seen and heard so much about WaterWipes Baby Wipes and thought why not try them. I found they are a really nice wipe and soft on bubs skin. I even used them on bubs face also. The price of the wipes are a bit expensive, but worth it.

Karrona Stewart
February 13, 2020
Good but pricey

I was gifted this as part of a newborn care package. I thought the product was great in that it was nice and gentle, but I don’t think I would purchase this on a regular basis due to the price! I used the WaterWipes to clean our hands, clean baby’s…Read More

Product features



  • Content: 60 wipes

Key features

Key features

  • 99.9% water
  • 0.1% fruit extract
  • Extra soft, strong and absorbent
  • Non-greasy


Q: Is this product suitable on sensitive skin?
A: Yes. WaterWipes don’t contain any chemicals; they contain just two ingredients, 99.9% Water and 0.1% Grapefruit seed extract so are ideal for sensitive skin.
Q: What is GSE (Grapefruit seed extract)?
A: Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is a natural skin conditioner. WaterWipes contain 1 part GSE to 1,000 parts water (i.e. 0.1%).
Q: Are WaterWipes biodegradable?
A: The science behind a biodegradable wipe is complex. Wipes made from natural fibres like bamboo or cotton mostly need to be treated with chemicals in order to stay bacteria free.

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