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The cutlery set your toddler will love

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Starting your baby on solids is one thing, but teaching them how to use cutlery is a whole different ball game. 

In a recent Facebook Live, Dr Kyla, who is a paediatric dietitian, mum and the founder of Toddler Mealtimes, says it’s a great idea for parents to introduce cutlery as soon as they can. 

“I would start to introduce cutlery as early as you can, even for babies under the age of 12 months, you can use some different kind of softer silicone cutlery,” she says. 

That said, the type of cutlery you introduce to your toddler matters! And for Dr Kyla, it’s all about a brand called Doddl.

“This brand I love,” she says.

Watch the full interview below

What’s a Doddl?

Designed alongside child development experts, Doddl makes cutlery to help children to eat independently. 

“In reality, children’s cutlery is just a small version of a product designed around the dexterity and coordination of an adult. It’s not designed for children,” says the Doddl website

“For us, it’s all about giving children the right tools to help teach their little hands so they can learn to enjoy eating independently.”

Dr Kyla says the short handled spoons and forks mean “toddlers can hold it without tipping it upside down and then having it all fall in front of them, which is really frustrating.”

When to start using cutlery for a toddler

“So after 12 months, I would recommend something like that [Doddl]. You can use regular kinds of kids’ cutlery – it’s just harder for them to manipulate that kind of scoop and get into their mouth from an early age.”

But don’t worry if your child isn’t interested in using cutlery just yet. 

“You never have to make your kids use cutlery, though,” says Dr Kyla.

“Some kids will click with it straightaway. They’ll be really independent, wanting to feed, but other kids will be two and still using their hands, and that’s totally okay. 

“It’s all about opportunity.”

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