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Expert shares quick and easy baby sleep solution

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Is your little one not sleeping? A lack of sleep can be hard on the whole family – especially mum and bub. The good news is that the solution to your baby sleep problem could be a simple fix. 

In our latest Facebook live, sponsored by ergoPouch, Steph Gouin, a qualified baby and child sleep consultant, says “making sure bub is warm enough is a huge issue”.

“Babies and children wake frequently, particularly during the night, when they’re not warm enough,” says Steph.

And one of the reasons they stay awake is because babies need to be warm enough to drift back to sleep and into the next sleep cycle. 

“Lots of families are just so tired because they are up every hour overnight [with baby],” says Steph.

“But when we warm the baby or child up, so that when they do rouse and come out of the sleep cycle, it’s so cosy and snug that they just go straight back to sleep.”

Watch the full interview with Steph below:

“Make sure bub is safe and warm”

To help keep baby warm, Steph says she loves the ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag because “they’re all about making sure bub is safe and warm.”

Parents can layer underneath the swaddle as needed for warmth. It also comes with a free room thermometer and what to wear guide to make dressing baby easier.

Read ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag 2.5 Tog reviews.

Keep things cosy

Another tip, according to Steph, is to pop a heater in baby’s room. 

“I recommend to the families I work with to have a gentle, safe heater in the room. Not a fan force abducted heating or anything really hot stuffy,” she says.

“A gentle oil column heater or a panel heater is what I recommend during the colder months to maintain that really nice cosy room temperature.”

What are the foundations for great sleep?

Of course, warmth is only one element when it comes to setting up great sleep foundations for your baby. 

“I’ve worked with lots of families with a newborn and it’s really about setting up the foundations for great sleep,” says Steph. 

This means, “making sure the environment is set up correctly for day and night. But also setting up the nursery so it’s safe and really just learning about how babies sleep,” says Steph. 

“Once bub arrives, you can tap into their natural rhythms and then it’s all about feed play sleep.”

To find out more about Steph, her ebooks and sleep support packages, visit her website Sleep By Steph.

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