Little Rapunzel! Baby’s hair will make you do a double-take

A baby has taken the world by storm all thanks to her luscious locks.

Born in April last year, Gabriela surprised everyone with her fluffy dark hair.

Now she’s one, the toddler’s gorgeous hair will make you do a double-take.

Dreams can come true

Mother-of-two Denica Caneva told the Daily Mail, “When Gabi was born and I saw her for the first time, along with the long, thick hair she had been blessed with, I was impressed.”

“Nurses said they had never seen a newborn baby with such long hair – she looked very different from the other babies.”

But it was meant to be, as Gabi’s older sister Ivona had always wanted a baby sister with long hair.

“Every day she used to ask me, ‘Mummy, when will I have a sister so I can play with her hair?” Denica explained.

“Her dream turned into a beautiful reality because Gabi looked like she had just come out of a fairy tale.”

Rapunzel! Let down your hair

The tiny tot has also been given a very appropriate nickname.

“The comparison which suits Gabi most is Rapunzel,” says Denica.

When asked what hair products she uses on Gabi’s gorgeous locks, she said they “are very picky.”

“We use only high-quality cosmetics that have been proven safe, and I go to the pharmacy to buy shampoo much more often than most mothers of young babies.”

“Don’t ever cut it”

Denica regularly shares pictures of Gabi (and her hair) on Instagram, and her 5000 followers all agree that she’s “too cute.”

One commenter wrote: “She could be like Rapunzel, her hair is so beautiful, don’t ever cut it.”

“I love her hair 😍 such a lovely growth since birth,” another fan said.

As for her sister Ivona, she got her wish and enjoys brushing her sister’s hair.

“Our little Rapunzel really enjoys it when her hair is being washed – we create foam bubbles and put them all over her hair,” says Denica.

“Her sister, Ivona, combs her hair afterwards.”

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