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Heartwarming video of pet dog’s concern for baby: “Best babysitter!”

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Before you know it, your baby is on the move, crawling around the living room and pulling themselves up on furniture. And it can happen in the blink of an eye, before you’re fully prepared. This lucky family has the benefit of a super cautious dog who stood in the way as the youngest family member tries to take on the stairs.

“Not today, baby!”

TikTok mum Hannah Searfoss posted this adorable video, showing their dog Lisa blocking her baby boy’s path as he tries to climb the stairs. The baby attempts to get through, but Lisa the dog will not let him. She even puts a paw out to stop him coming up.

Hannah added a caption to the clip, saying, “she was worried about him climbing the stairs” – and you only need watch the video to see that this was just so true.

@hsearfoss Lisa the Nanny Dog. Time to put up a gate! #lisathedog #greatdane #DADMOVES #puppiesoftiktok #babyelliot #babiesoftiktok ♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop

Time to put up a gate

This heartwarming scene of a caring dog and adventurous baby is delightful and has attracted huge internet attention. Hannah wrote on her post, “Lisa the Nanny Dog. Time to put up a gate!” And it is definitely time to put up the safety gate, but luckily Lisa the dog wasn’t going to let any danger come to the precious baby boy.

Kids can definitely surprise you with their physical development. I remember walking into a room and my daughter was sitting on the coffee table – something she’d never done before, and something I didn’t even know she could do. However with Lisa the Nanny dog on duty, Hannah had an extra pair of hands (or paws) to make sure no harm came to her baby.

Best babysitter

The post attracted a massive 2.8 million likes and thousands of positive comments. Most followers are completely taken by the dog’s sense of love and responsibility, leaving comments such as “So sweet’, “Adorable” and “They’re going to be besties and the dog will keep him out of trouble.”

Many followers commented on how amazing dogs are. “Can always rely on them! They truly are your best friend and it only takes love and patience with them! This is so cute,” said one viewer.

@hsearfoss Lisa is always down for a pre-nap cuddle session ♥️ #lisathedog #babyelliot #greatdane #puppiesoftiktok #babiesoftiktok #adayinmylife #familytime ♬ You Found Me – Instrumental Pop Songs

Others commented on what a great babysitter Lisa the dog will be. “That’s awesome, looks like you’ve found yourself a babysitter,” commented one, while another said, “Well you can save money on a babysitter you got your dog take care of her.”

You have to admit, it really does look like this dog is totally concerned about the baby. She’s quietly determined to do whatever it takes to prevent the little boy going up the stairs. So much so, the bub eventually gives up and crawls off.

With Lisa the Nanny Dog following close behind.

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