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Pit bull’s reaction to kicks of unborn baby melts hearts the world over

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These days, a super cute baby or dog video is guaranteed to attract a huge online response, and with the two together – even more so. However this TikTok video showing a gorgeous pit bull resting on his owner’s pregnant belly really takes the cake. Not only is this a beautiful heart-warming scene in itself, but it’s the dog’s reaction to the kicks of the unborn baby that sent the clip viral.

Pit bull puppy love

The post shows the pit bull, whose name is Goose, dozing on owner Megan’s pregnant tummy. The caption reads, “When you feel your tiny human bestie kick for the first time. Wait for his reaction”

And it’s well worth waiting for.

As the unborn baby kicks, we see the puppy’s sleepy eyes immediately light up and his ears stand to attention. The reaction is so instant and animated, you can really see the dog’s excitement when he feels the baby’s movement.

“God bless this app for moments like these!”

The video has been an internet success with over eight million likes and thousands of comments, proving once again that after recent challenging times, the world truly appreciates moments of love and pure baby (or puppy) joy. Viewers’ responses flooded in with comments such as, “You can just tell he is already in love with this baby” and “His eyes LIT up! What a sweet moment.”

“Can barely type through my tears but this is BEAUTIFUL,” sais one follower and “He straight up fell completely in love with his tiny tiny human,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, others couldn’t get past the dog’s performance, which really looked like a cartoon. “This is like a Pixar short film,” said one while another felt that the dog “deserves an Oscar.”

After the birth

Megan was overwhelmed by the massive response to her post and wrote, “I didn’t expect this to blow up like this. Thank you for all the sweet comments.”

The new mum then followed up with another video, this time showing dogs Goose and Luna greet newborn Ivy Grace as she finally arrives home from the hospital. Both dogs are incredibly excited to see the newest family member, greeting her with gently licks on the feet.

“You can see Goose come up to my belly and he smells her foot first and then comes up to my belly and smells me,” Megan narrates. “It’s like he was associating the fact that she’s here now.”

While some might feel nervous with two dogs curiously sniffing around their baby, this family looks more than happy to be altogether and the dogs are clearly in love.

“We’re now officially a family of five,” says Megan. “And we’re so excited to watch the bond grow between the dogs and Ivy.”

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