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Priceless video of little boy discovering he’ll be a big brother: “I’m so happy!”

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Considering the challenges of recent COVID times, it’s a delight to see something that warms your heart and brings on the happy tears. This TikTok clip of a little boy discovering he will soon have a sibling does exactly that and went absolutely viral.

“We’re having a baby??”

The little boy whose name is Sammy has long hoped for a baby brother or sister. The video captures the moment when his parents tell him the good news and give him a t-shirt, which includes the words “big bro” on the front.

When Sammy realises what’s going on, his ecstatic reaction ticks all the emotional boxes and you simply cannot look away. He is just so thrilled, hugging his mother and thanking her over and over again. “Oh my god! Thank you so much, I’m so happy,” he cries through joyous tears.

“I’m so excited,” he says. “I can’t believe it”

He then picks up the t-shirt and says, “I love this.”

The plan is for Sammy to wear the t-shirt when they see his grandparents – who will no doubt be equally surprised and happy to hear the long-awaited news.

The back-story

The mother has added captions to the video, talking about Sammy’s long time desire for a sibling and her difficulties in providing one. Tugging even harder on the heartstrings, the words show that the news is not just music to Sammy’s ears, but for his parents as well.

“Sammy has been asking for a sibling ever since he found out what that was,” his mother wrote. “He wished on birthday candles and asked Santa for a sibling.”

The mother continues to explain that due to health issues, it just wasn’t happening until she finally decided to have a gastric bypass to improve their chances. “After a year and a half after my surgery our dreams came true,” she wrote. “He’s going to be such a good big brother.”

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“This is the BEST thing on TikTok”

The clip has been played over two million times, shared nearly 18,000 time and received over 4000 likes. And it’s not hard to see why. Sammy is just so adorable and viewers could not help but be drawn in by his heart-breaking reaction.

Many even found themselves spontaneously crying at odd times and places and left comments such as, “It’s the “THANK YOU SO MUCH” that got me in tears at 8.07am” and “Great so I’m crying at the drive-thru line at MacDonald’s” and also, “Not me balling on my couch in the middle of the day.”

Others were taken by Sammy’s lovely nature and ‘big brother’ potential. “Omg what an amazing kid!!!!!!” wrote one follower. “He is going to be such a good brother!!!”

“This is genuinely the sweetest thing I’ve seen,” said another viewer. “You can tell he’s a good kid with a good heart, wrote yet another.

The overwhelmingly positive comments continue, as followers cannot believe how happy Sammy is about his upcoming sibling. Even his parents seemed taken by his reaction.

“Why are you laughing like it’s a joke?” he asks them.

“It’s not a joke,” his mum assures him. “We just so happy that you’re happy.”

I think the rest of us all feel the same.

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