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Mum celebrates son’s birthday on the wrong day … for two years

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A mum has taken to TikTok to share a funny story about how she found out she was celebrating her child’s birthday on the wrong date … for two years.

In the video, Emily Vondrachek (@thevondyfam) says she just got off the phone with her paediatrician, who was trying to bill her insurance company for their last visit. The claim wasn’t going through because there was a discrepancy with the birth date.

“Per my words,” the mum says she told the paediatrician, “My son’s birthday is the 26th. I am his mother. I know his birthday.”

They told her, “The insurance company says his birthday is on the 25th.”

Before calling the insurance company to tell them they’d made a mistake, Emily scrolled back through Facebook looking for the birth announcement to double-check. Sure enough, she had been celebrating her son’s birthday on the wrong day for two years!

“For two years I’ve been celebrating his birthday on the 26th. And now I have to call my paediatrician back and say, you know what? I had my kid’s birthday wrong,” she says.

@thevondyfam How’s your day going? #momfail #mombrain #parenting101 #sahm ♬ original sound – Emily Vondy

Middle child

But that’s not the worst part.

“You know the worst part?” she adds. “The worst part. He’s my middle child. It’s my middle child.”

And to be honest, people weren’t surprised it was a middle child whose birthday had been mixed up.

“Of course it’s the middle child 😂😂😂😂” one person said.

Another added: “Middle child here: my whole family forgot my birthday one year. End of the day I said, guess I’ll wish myself a hbd. Shoulda waited a day I guess.”

“Before you even said it was your middle child I said to myself ‘it must be the middle child,’” shared another.

“I tried making an appt for my child at the vet”

Others shared similar parenting fails of their own in the comments, making Emily feel much better about what happened.

“That’s ok, I tried making an appt for my child at the vet,” wrote one parent.

Another shared, “I spelled my OWN NAME wrong on my child’s birth certificate.”

“My dad has twins. Only twins. He forgot my birthday two years ago. Not my sister’s. Haven’t let him live that down.”

At the end of the video, Emily says she’s having a special day with her son to make up for the mistake.

“I love my kids, okay. I love my kids,” she says. “They may not have their birthday celebration on the correct day but they celebrate it the next!”

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