The bear hunt bringing smiles to kids’ faces around the globe

We're going a bear hunt

The children’s story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen, has been brought to life around the world as a way to bring a little joy to kids in isolation during the global coronavirus pandemic. 

The classic book tells the tale of a group of children who are going a bear hunt. They plan to “catch a big one” – but first, they must make their way through a bunch of tricky obstacles.

And now the new version of the game has people all over the world placing teddy bears in windows for kids to “hunt”.

After all, despite strict social distancing rules, it’s still okay to take a walk around the neighbourhood (as long as you keep your distance from others).

We’re going on a bear hunt

No one is sure where this new game started; what we do know is that it’s bringing smiles to the faces of kids around the world. 

The response has been huge with people all over the world placing teddy bears in windows for kids to hunt.

Even New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has endorsed the hunt

How to catch a big one

If you and your children are keen to track down some grizzly bears, it is possible to track them down online first.

This website has a few Australian locations pinpointed. Otherwise, a quick search for We’re Going On A Bear Hunt on Facebook delivered a few groups already running in Australia.

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