Simple test for spotting a dodgy hand sanitiser

dodgy hand sanitiser
By Livia Gamble

We know the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands with soap and water.

If soap and water isn’t available, the next best thing is hand sanitiser. 

But for hand sanitiser to be effective, it must contain between 60% – 80% alcohol. Anything less, won’t cut it. So how can you tell if your hand sanistiser is effective?

CHOICE spot-checks

To help consumers out, CHOICE conducted a hand sanitiser spot-check after receiving a community tip about a certain hand sanitiser sold in Australia.

The results found AIR Clean Instant Hand Sanitizer had an alcohol content of only 23%, failing the test.

“AIR Clean Instant Hand Sanitizer sold by Mosaic Brands has been withdrawn from sale. This is following a CHOICE investigation and an independent lab test that found a sample of the product had an alcohol content of only 23% – well below the amount of alcohol required to be effective,” says Erin Turner, Director of Campaigns at CHOICE.

“As a result of our spot-check on this Mosaic sample, CHOICE is now conducting further testing of sanitiser available across Australia.”

Simple trick for testing hand sanitiser

However, there’s an easy way to test your hand sanitiser – and you can do it at home.

“Avoid sanitiser that feels sticky, as this is a sign that the product may not have enough alcohol in its formula,” says Erin. She adds that you should always use soap and water where you can.

If you’re worried about your sanitiser, customers are encouraged to pass their concerns on to the retailer.

Best baby hand sanistier

So which hand sanitiser is best?

The Tell Me Baby community has rated the best baby hand sanitisers they’ve tried and shared their opinions on what has, or hasn’t, worked for them.

Based on baby hand sanitiser reviews, read our best baby hand sanitisers article.

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