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33 sensational names for a summer baby

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Summer is just around the corner, the happiest season of the year with plenty of sun, swimming and relaxing beach holidays. It’s also the perfect time to have a baby – not only because parents can get out and about with their little one, enjoying the warmer weather and fresh air, but also because it offers an array of super-cute baby names to celebrate the season.

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According to Nameberry, there are many names that represent summer, including names of flowers, birthstones and months of the year. There are also plenty of inspiring names that mean the sun or ocean, or just plain happiness and joy.

Here’s a list of our top summer names that celebrate both the spirit of the season and the arrival of your sparkling summer baby:

  1. Allegra – Italian word for ‘joyous’
  2. Beach – nature name that says it all
  3. Bliss – English word meaning ‘perfect happiness’ or ‘great joy’
  4. Blythe – English word meaning ‘happy, carefree’
  5. Bondi – iconic Sydney beach
  6. Coral – underwater ecosystem filled with life and vibrant colour
  7. Cyrus – Persian word for sun
  8. Daisy – fresh and happy summer flower
  9. Dune – nature word that relates the beach and sand
  10. Dylan – Welsh for ‘son of the sea’
  11. Edna – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘rejuvenation, delight’
  12. Eilidh – Gaelic for ‘sun, radiant one’
  13. Elio – from Italian/Spanish origin meaning ‘sun’
  14. Holiday – English name from ‘holy day’ so ideal for both summer and Christmas
  15. Iris – flower name, also derived from Greek word for ‘rainbow’
  16. Joy – derived from Latin meaning ‘joy, happiness’
  17. January – relaxing month of summer holidays
  18. Kai – Hawiian word for ‘sea’
  19. Lily – beautiful and peaceful flower
  20. Marin – derived from Latin, meaning ‘of the sea’
  21. Marigold – bright and sunny flower
  22. Murphy – Irish word for sea warrior
  23. Nerida – Greek word for ‘sea nymph’ or ‘mermaid’
  24. Oceane – of French origin meaning ‘ocean’
  25. Pearl – underwater gem that grows in an oyster
  26. Poppy – meaning ‘red flower’
  27. River – a nature name to conjure up swimming and summer camping holidays
  28. Rose – beautiful English flower of bright rich colours
  29. Soleil – French word for sun
  30. Sunny – traditionally a nickname but one that captures the happy spirit of summer
  31. Sky – nature name reminiscent of the blue summer sky
  32. Summer – you can’t get more a more summery feel than this seasonal name
  33. Zinnia – brightly coloured spring flowers


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