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Why some women labour upside down

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A fantastic photo shared on Instagram shows how different birth positions can help during labour. 

Caitlin Dyer, a registered nurse and certified postnatal specialist, shared the image on her Instagram page, Mother Down Under, showing a woman performing a forward-leaning inversion during labour.

While the image was posted some time ago, it’s still very relevant for women today who might be seeking information about labour positions.

“In the Hypnobirthing Australia course, we talk a lot about optimising your baby’s position so your baby can navigate your pelvis more easily,” Caitlin wrote in her Instagram post.

“There are so many techniques you can use both in pregnancy and during labour to create space and help your baby make their way through those bones (this mama is doing a forward leaning inversion). Did you use active birth positions? Or Spinning Babies techniques? Image via @goldenyogimama.”

How do inversions help when pregnant?

According to Spinning Babies, the forward-leaning inversion helps to create space for your baby during the birth.

“The forward-leaning inversion potentially makes room for a good fetal position by untwisting any ligaments to the lower uterus and cervix that may be twisted from sudden stops or a habit of a twisted posture,” says the website.

The position could also help reduce back pain, hip pain and improve foetal positioning. 

Spinning Babies offers a very informative guide to trying this position, which you can read here.

“There are risks”

However, before attempting to pop yourself upside-down, check in with your midwife as this position isn’t suitable for everyone.

“Listen to your body and check out unusual symptoms with your physician before going upside down, says the Spinning Babies website.

“Thousands of women are getting mild or dramatic benefits from the inversion, but there are risks.”

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