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  • Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds
  • Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds

    based on 171 reviews

    Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds are specially designed for added safety and softness. The safety rim is designed to limit penetration to help protect baby’s ear and nose canal. They are ideal for gentle cleansing around baby’s outer ear, eyes and navel.

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    based on 171 reviews

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    Manpreet kaur
    October 14, 2021
    Manpreet kaur

    These cotton buds are an amazing product. My son had some wax in his ears so I bought these. They are so good at cleaning the little ears. Also very soft for the ears as they remove… Read more

    Jeanette van de Kar
    October 11, 2021
    Jeanette van de Kar
    Good earbuds for babies

    These are great for cleaning little ears. No concern with going in too deep into the ear and causing pain like with ordinary earbuds. Cotton stays on tight and does a good job of cleaning. I would… Read more

    Tayla Slattery
    October 2, 2021
    Tayla Slattery

    I only bought these the other day as I never used these ones with my 3 year old but they are really good. They help assist in the depth of inserting them so I avoid accidentally hurting… Read more

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