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  • Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

    based on 230 reviews

    “The papaw was the finest natural medicine yet discovered.”

    Lucas’ Papaw Ointment Packaged in its famous little red tub, this iconic product is made in Australia from pure Queensland papaws and is perfect for minor burns, nappy rash, chafing, wounds, bites, splinters, thorns, and other types of soreness.

    With an unchanged formula in over 100 years, botanist and surgeon creator T.P. Lucas created the ideal remedy for cracked lips and rough skin. With rapid healing properties, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and provides reliefs for all types of mild irritation, as well as more serious symptoms of dermatitis to eczema.

    There are so many applications of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, and the size of the container makes it easy to use at home or on the go.

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    based on 230 reviews

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    Amy Pellizzoni
    January 18, 2022
    Amy Pellizzoni

    I have been using Lucas pawpaw ointment for at least 10 years now. It is such a versatile product and a little bit goes a long way. I personally use it for myself as a libalm and… Read more

    Sharon Duncan
    January 11, 2022
    Sharon Duncan
    Great Product

    Lucas Pawpaw Ointment is such a versatile product, I love having this around for so many reasons. It is a great lip balm if you need one, helps soften and make lips smooth. I like it for… Read more

    rebecca cairns
    December 21, 2021
    rebecca cairns
    Nappy Rash? No problem

    The perfect ointment for nappy rash. It’s my go to solution for any redness. It not only protects any area for further irritation but also aids healing. I found other creams were great as barrier creams but… Read more

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