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  • Vicks BabyBalsam

    based on 190 reviews

    Vicks BabyBalsam contains aloe extract and eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender fragrances that soothes and calms your baby. It helps your baby rest and relax more easily so he/she can sleep better at night.

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    based on 190 reviews

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    Chhiring Sherpa
    January 8, 2022
    Chhiring Sherpa
    Great rub

    I use this for first time when my whole family and our lil Bub also got covid positive. It is really helpful. It was difficult for lil one because of congestion on lungs so that I rub… Read more

    December 29, 2021
    Nice rub

    This is a nice gel like rub to rub onto babies chest when congested, has a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and unwell. There is a nice smell, it is relaxing, helps warm up the babies chest. It… Read more

    December 1, 2021
    Definitely helps

    We use this on my daughter and on us when we are congested and having trouble breathing. It helps clear the congestion quickly for a decent period. I particularly like to use it at night while I’m… Read more

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