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The interactive playtime robot that offers loads of fun

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The Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot is an exciting transforming toy that offers hours –  if not years – of fun, from six months through to five years of age. A group of parents from the Tell Me Baby community were keen to test out this fantastic toy – and with its 4.6 out of 5 star rating and a string of positive reviews, it was clearly received with great enthusiasm.

With plenty of music, lights and hands-on activities, your little one can enjoy each individual toy or build them together to create one interactive electronic robot buddy. And with three Smart Stages® learning levels, you can customise the learning content to best fit your child’s stage of development.

But don’t take our word for it – read on to see what the reviewers had to say about the 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot.

Great first impression

Parents found that the Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot was immediately appealing to their children. “Both my girls were so excited to open and get this toy out of the box!” said one reviewer. “As soon as it was out and turned on my 2.5yr old was straight into playing with it!

“My 10-month old loves this toy!” said another parent. “He was drawn to the toy quickly and started to explore its many features. He enjoyed the songs and lights and was able to easily activate the robot into its singing and learning modes.”

And it’s not just children who were impressed. “From a parent point of view, I love the build of the bot,” said one mum. “The variety of sounds, the difference with the levels, and that the robot comes apart.”

Meanwhile, another parent commented on the toy’s excellent quality. “Overall, really happy with the product, and it’s very sturdy,” they said. “I can’t see it being easily damaged through rough play at all, which is great in this house!”

4 toys in 1

Parents loved the fact that this toy breaks up into different parts, offering greater range and less fights among siblings. “My 1 and 2 year old absolutely love it!” said a parent. “I’m very glad it can come apart into 3 separate pieces as there’s no more fighting over one toy.”

One reviewer found that the different parts to this toy offered more hours of entertainment. “Being able to pull the robot apart into 3 separate pieces also extended my son’s attention span with the toy as we were able to change it up and play in different ways,” they said.

Another found that her nine month-old loved the way the toy split up into parts. “The robot breaks into three different parts, she loves the head and the body,” they said. “The toy has different activity components that keep her busy for so long, there are so many different features, songs and phrases!”

“Fun for all ages”

The different levels of learning provided by the Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot was another outstanding feature. “I love how versatile the learning bot is, as it is playful till up to 5 years of age,” said one reviewer. “The toy is definitely a great long term investment as it has so many different entertaining features for bubs, with many different sensory components, flaps to move and things to twists!”

“The robot is a hit in our home,” commented another parent. “Great perk is that it can be split into 3 pieces and each part can also be played with on its own. My 2 and 3 year old love it. The multiple stage options are great, lots of songs and moving parts.”

“It’s a toy that can really grow with them from baby to toddler,” said yet another parent. “In saying that, our 5 year old got in on the dancing action as well and wanted to play with it, so in terms of value for money the longevity of this toy’s lifetime makes it worth it!”

Full of surprises

Parents found that their children enjoyed the many unexpected aspects that this playtime robot had to offer. “The robot surprised us by moving back and forth,” said one parent. “Little Miss was wanting to touch the lights and spinning balls and was smiling as the robot moved. She then discovered that pushing down on the head makes the eyes move!”

“My eldest loves playing with it fully assembled and putting it on stage 3 and dancing with it as it moves back and forth and the music plays. He also loves the musical ‘freeze’ game,” said another reviewer. “My 2 year old seems to love the base part the best, the lights and music, and loves taking it apart and building it.”

With so much to explore and discover, the Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot has been extremely well received – and one final comment says it all: “I can see that this will be a favourite toy.”

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