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A simple and sleek electric breast pump to meet every mother’s needs

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If you’re looking for a breast pump that meets you where you are in your breastfeeding journey, then the NUK Nature Sense Single Electric Pump is a great choice! 

This easy-to-use pump has 16 different settings, 4 suction strengths and 4 suction rhythms to meet the individual needs of every mother. With a unique memory function, you won’t struggle to recall your preferred settings – you can save those to easily retrieve later. 

The NUK Nature Sense pump also comes with a soft silicone cushion and an ergonomic breast shield for added comfort. Its rechargeable LI battery is sufficient for three 30 minute pumping sessions, making this a helpful device for mums on the go. 

We asked a team of mums from the Tell Me Baby community to put this breast pump to the test. The pump’s silicone cushioning, low noise levels and memory functions were some of the standout features that won the mums over. 

Read on to hear what the mums had to say about the NUK Nature Sense electric breast pump. 

Easy to set up and simple to understand

NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump - Product

Many mums were impressed by how easy it was to set up the pump and start using it. One reviewer said, “Set up was very simple, the instructions are very well laid out and easy to read. It took me no time to get it all started.” You won’t have to fiddle with too many parts, as one mum explained; “It was easy to assemble as there was literally just the duckbill attachment, the bottle, the silicone insert and the tubing.”

Another reviewer commented on the impressive look and intuitiveness of the pump. “On first impression the NUK Nature Sense breast pump has a sleek modern design, it’s attractive to look at and intuitive to use. After cleaning and sanitizing all the parts and charging the pump I simply followed the instructions to set it up and put it to use straight away.”

Silicone cushioning adds comfort

For many reviewers, the silicone cushion was the highlight of their pumping experience. One of them said, “I love the NUK Nature Sense because even after pumping a while or double pumping my nipples are not sore at all, I also find I don’t get the red mark around my boob from the flange part I love that it has bendable soft silicone cushioning feels so comfortable.”

Another mum echoed this, “I found it very gentle even on a higher speed. The silicone shield is so soft and I love that the suction is more like a massage than the pulling as with previous pumps I have used.” 

“The silicon cushion breast shield does make for a comfortable time using the pump, this was definitely a highlight,” said another reviewer.

“Super Quiet”

NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump - Features

Some breast pumps may have an unpleasant whir and if you’re a first-time mum buying a breast pump, you may not be so familiar with this. Luckily, our reviewers were pleasantly surprised with how quiet the NUK Nature Sense breast pump is! 

“Other than that it is sleek, the pump action is very quiet and discreet (especially if pumping at night near a sleeping partner!),” said one mother. Another commented, “It’s so quiet I can pump next to sleeping bub with no problems I was shocked how silent it is.”

“I liked that the machine was quiet and that it also had a range of strength which was easy to adjust.”

User friendly and helpful memory function

The NUK Nature Sense breast pump comes with helpful features such as a timer, memory function and an innovative LED display. 

One mum said, “The user interface was very easy to grasp, the buttons are very straightforward even without reading the instructions which made Initial set up very easy, and this pump has a memory function so when I next turned it on it remembered my preference which was great!

“The pause and memory buttons are very good features that I have not seen in other pumps.”

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