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The ‘magic lamp’ helping babies sleep through the night

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Glow Dreaming sleep lamp

A lamp that helps your baby sleep? Sounds like something out of Aladdin. But according to parents, it’s very real. 

Created with the help of experts using research into what does and doesn’t work for sleep, the Glow Dreaming sleep solution claims it helps little ones sleep through the night – and anecdotally, we’ve heard lots of parents rave about it.

What is Glow Dreaming?

Glow Dreaming comes with four settings. First, it features red and green LED lights. The red light claims to stimulate natural melatonin production, while the green light can be used during the day to improve mood, motivation, focus and mental wellbeing.

And you’ve probably heard of white noise, but this lamp emits pink noise instead. Regular white noise works wonders for blocking out background noise, but pink noise, a sound that naturally occurs in nature, is said to relax the mind into sleep. 

Other features include a humidifier to keep the air moist, and The Glow Lullaby essential oil to diffuse.

So does Glow Dreaming really work?

A Google search reveals lots of positive reviews about Glow Dreaming, and if you consider their website says they’ve had almost 100,000 customers – the product must be doing something right.

Rachel, a mum of a three-year-old, recently purchased Glow Dreaming and said the first night they used it was the first night her son slept through. She woke up at 2am worried there was something wrong with him – but he was sleeping soundly. 

“It’s like a magic lamp,” she said.

While it hasn’t worked every night for Rachel’s son, she says it’s made a significant difference for her family. 

Mel, a mum of one, said, “It might have been a fluke but everything changed when we got the lamp, when my son was 5 months old. Sleep times were always a battle and he’d fight it so much – but the first night we used it, he was mesmerised by the lamp and just went to sleep without crying. It was AMAZING. We still use it and now he’s two and a brilliant sleeper.”

Of course, not everyone is convinced. “It’s a cute nightlight, and the essential oil burner is good, but it didn’t help my daughter,” said Nicola. “I was gutted, I’d heard so many good things about it!”

“My son was too busy looking at the light to sleep,” said Sandra. “It turns out he needs total darkness so the lamp was a failure.”

So the search for a sleep aid that works for 100% of kids continues!

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