How to manage eczema in babies

By Mim Jenkinson

If our babies are distressed, we want to do all that we can to help them – and as quickly as possible. Eczema in babies is no exception.

It also isn’t uncommon, as eczema can affect one in five children.

The percentage of people affected by eczema has tripled in the past 30 years so if your family suffers with it, you’re not alone. In fact, if you have eczema yourself, there’s a 50% chance that your little one will be affected with it. If you and your partner have ever been affected, this probability can work up to 80%.

As well as treating the condition if it flares up, you can also take some preventative steps too.

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How to know if your baby has eczema

Eczema symptoms can start to show after your baby is two months of age, but occasionally earlier. The signs to keep an eye out for with your baby are:

  • extremely dry skin that is flaky in certain areas
  • occasional red patches, particularly on the cheeks, arms and belly
  • if they have trouble falling asleep.

Of course, a sleep-resistant baby won’t always signal eczema! However, alongside the other symptoms mentioned above, it could be a tell-tale sign.

Eczema alternates between periods of flare-up and periods of respite. Your baby may appear free of the condition for a time and then it will show up as extremely dry skin on the face and body, accompanied by localised patches of red skin and itching sensations. The patches will appear on a baby’s cheeks, scalp, neck folds and even arms and legs. As the child grows, the patches can be seen in skin folds, this time usually on elbows, knees, wrists and eyelids.

It could turn into small, slightly visible blisters that ooze and crust over. Seeing these visible signs is often as distressing for parents as it is for babies. We want to help them to ease their discomfort as quickly as possible.

Find out more about eczema-prone skin here.

How to manage baby eczema

When summer rolls in, bringing warmer weather with it, this can be a time when eczema flares up more frequently. However, it’s a condition that can occur all year round too.

There are some simple ways to help to ease your child’s eczema flare ups and we’re also going to share some ways that you can help to prevent a reoccurrence.

Taking some extra care to look after your baby’s skin can make a big difference in easing any discomfort – plus, you’ll both enjoy a little pampering time!

An emollient that is tailored for children is the perfect secret weapon to rehydrate baby’s sensitive skin.

Mustela’s Stelatopia® Emollient Cream (fragrance-free) treats the dryness caused by eczema thanks to its natural ingredients and helps take away the itchiness that has been distressing your baby.

Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream - Tell Me Baby

Scientifically proven to relieve itching, this clever cream moisturises, replenishes and soothes eczema-prone skin.

One Tell Me Baby community member said, “I’ve been using this cream for my one month old who recently developed eczema and have seen a distinct improvement in his skin, including its dryness and flakiness!”

This cream spreads and penetrates the skin easily and can be used on any areas of your baby’s skin that are inflamed, as soon as they appear. The sooner you treat these patches, the quicker and more effective this cream will be in easing them away.

Continue to use this cream daily, on the body, after your baby’s bath or whenever necessary. For the face, Mustela has also developed a specific face cream, especially formulated for the thin skin on your baby’s face and that you can even apply on the eyelid.  Your baby will love your light touch, loving massage and tickle time as you gently apply the cream.

Mustela - Before & After Pics - Tell Me Baby

Remember also to keep your baby’s nails neatly trimmed to lessen the chance of scratching.

How to prevent baby eczema

Whether it’s ongoing care, or you suspect your baby might have eczema-prone skin, we have some tips to proactively reduce the chance of a flare-up:

  • use fragrance-free products
  • keep their skin clean and hydrated with an emollient cream or balm daily from day one. Although eczema has an inherited family tendency, Mustela studies have shown that a daily application of Stelatopia products from birth reduces by 54% the probability of clinical signs of eczema-prone skin appearing at 6 months of age
  • use skincare that is particularly formulated to treat eczema-prone skin
  • avoid allergens like mites or dust
  • avoid irritating or drying elements like soap, rough-textured clothing, very dry air or too-high temperatures.

Skin care to treat eczema in babies

To soothe and re-lipid the eczema-prone skin of babies and children, Mustela’s Stelatopia® range offers fragrance-free care products with natural ingredients, clinically proven efficiency and high tolerance from birth, tested under dermatological and paediatric control.

Mustela - Before & After Pics - Tell Me Baby

For gentle and effective cleansing throughout the day and on-the-go, Stelatopia® Replenishing Wipes are a great go-to to have on hand.

These soft and thick fragrance-free wipes, made especially for eczema-prone skin, are super absorbent and leave a non-sticky protective film on your baby’s skin.

Mustela’s Emollient Cream and Balm have a rich and creamy texture that provide an immediate sensation of softness and comfort to your baby’s skin.

It sinks in quickly, meaning you can dress your baby soon after application.

For babies who love playing in the water, you can also add Mustela’s Stelatopia® bath oil in your bub’s bath or inflatable pool (filled with dechlorinated water).

Its fragrance-free oil that doesn’t need to be rinsed off gently envelops the skin to replenish and soothe.

A Tell Me Baby member said, “I use this oil when she flares up and it calms down within a couple of days!”

If you think your baby might have eczema-prone skin, you can find out more about the Mustela eczema range here.

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