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This is why your little one should always wear a swim nappy

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While it is a common health requirement that babies and kids up to the age of four wear a tight fitting swim nappy in swimming pools, there’s another reason why it’s essential for your little one.

This important safety tip was brought to our attention by Tiny Hearts Education – and it’s one you might not have considered.

Tiny Hearts Education offers first aid courses for parents and caregivers so that they’re able to act confidently and knowledgeably should their little one ever be in an emergency situation. Run by two sisters, one of whom is a paramedic, the organisation recently posted a message on Instagram showing the difference between a normal nappy and a swim nappy when placed in water.

The post asks the question, “Ever wondered why you should use a swim nappy every time your little one swims?”

The video then shows a regular nappy with the narration, “This is a regular nappy. We put it in water for 5 minutes. Sinks immediately to the bottom.”

The post explains that a wet regular nappy adds 2kg to your baby, which would drag them quickly to the bottom. This makes sense as regular nappies are designed to absorb as much liquid as possible, a feature we love when out and about or overnight, but clearly not in the water.

“If your little one was wearing that, they’d also be on the bottom,” says the voiceover.

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Spot the difference

The clip goes on to show the difference with a swim nappy. “Whereas this one is a swim nappy in the water for the same amount of time and it floats,” it says. “Remember use a swim nappy.”

The difference is huge and something many people may not have considered when popping their little ones in the water. The post encourages people to share this message, as “the drowning toll is alarming”.

“I never knew this”

The post has quickly attracted over 14.5 likes and over a thousand comments. Many viewers had not thought of the danger of their baby swimming in a regular nappy.

“Never knew this about the sinking,” said one parent. “Wow need to buy some swim nappies,” said another.

Another parent said what we’re all thinking – certainly what I always thought. “This blew my mind! We use swim nappies but I thought it was just to trap the poo in not a safety thing. I feel so silly!”

Meanwhile many parents suggested that reusable nappies were equally effective with comments such as “Reusable nappies are best for this” and “Cloth is the way to go… about $20 and you re-use it every time.”

One parents explains, “Reusable nappy shells can also be used as swim nappies (take out the absorbent insert otherwise the same problem exists.”

Whichever swim nappy you wish to use, we now know that there’s so much more at stake than just poo. A simple message, but one we’re likely to hold onto and share: “Remember, remove the nappy and go without or wear a swim nappy!”

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